In a recent statement this month, Alfa Chemistry announced the launch of LPLC, TLC & Paper Chromatography product lines, which include resins, separation media, agarose, silica gel, dextran gel, and more.

These reagents are mainly used in the research of industrial preparation chromatography system and industrialization technology, such as desalination system, wastewater treatment, separation and purification of biological products, refining of sugar solution and so on.

Customers can now easily and quickly find the materials they need by searching from Alfa Chemistry’s comprehensive collection of analytical chemistry reagents. The newly launched LPLC, TLC & Paper Chromatography product lines can be roughly classified into: LPLC Separation Media (Adsorbents, Affinity, Anion, Cation, Gel Filtration, Reversed Phase), Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) (TLC Adsorbents), and Traditional/Classical Flash Chromatography (LPLC & Flash Columns, Accessories, Resins & LC Separation Media). All analytical reagents at Alfa Chemistry are being manufactured and QC tested in compliance with the world-class quality standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The performance, reliability, and consistency of these reference chemicals are of top quality. Visit to learn more.

About Low Pressure Liquid Chromatography (LPLC)
LPLC refers to liquid chromatography performed at a pressure close to the atmospheric pressure range and is often used to study biomolecules such as proteins and monoclonal antibodies. Biomolecules are fragile, so LPLC has become a better choice in contrast to high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) because it is a predominantly non-destructive, preparative technique.

About Thin-layer Chromatography (TLC)
Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is to coat the suitable stationary phase on a glass plate, plastic or aluminum substrate to form a uniform thin layer. TLC is an important experimental technique for rapid separation and qualitative analysis of small amounts of substances, and it is also used to track the reaction process.

About Paper Chromatography
Paper chromatography is a chromatographic method supported by filter paper, which is mainly used for the separation and detection of multi-functional or highly polar hydrophilic compounds such as alcohols, hydroxy acids, amino acids, sugars and flavonoids.

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About Alfa Chemistry
Fully supportive to scientists and researchers in their R&D explorations, Alfa Chemistry never stops its efforts in expanding product offerings so as to meet the growing demand coming from new analytical testing scenarios. Therefore, in the past years, various analytical chemistry reagents to be used in analytical testing have been released in addition to research and industrial chemicals.