Reference standards play a pivotal role for testing labs. To ensure the validity of results in any type of testing, either environmental samples processing or testing pharmaceuticals, reference standards are a must. On November 17, 2020, Alfa Chemistry announced to provide varieties of chromatography standards, mainly for the purpose of calibration. Along with supply of other chemicals, Alfa Chemistry has become a trusted source of high-quality organic reference standards.

Chromatography standards have a known concentration and are often used to test separating equipment so as to ensure that there are no performance faults. Analytical equipment error would impact the dependability of retention time, purity, molecular weight, and compound identification conclusions, all of which should be avoided.

“Improving data quality, the substances allow laboratory personnel to plot analyte signal ratios and obtain concentrations from a calibration curve. Chromatography standards verified instruments are suitable for intended ion exchange, gel filtration, and hydrophobic interaction procedures,” says the marketing chief of Alfa Chemistry. “All of our chromatography standards are being manufactured and QC tested in compliance with the world-class quality standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The performance, reliability, and consistency of these reference chemicals are of top quality.”

Alfa Chemistry can provide large quantities of certified reference material for chromatography, clinical standards, colors, column & instrument performance test mixes, environmental standards, food & beverage standards, forensic and veterinary standards, life sciences standards, petrochemical standards, pharmaceutical and drug standards.

Customers who are searching for analytical chemicals can type into product name, CAS number and other keywords to quickly find the standard reagents they need. In addition, Alfa Chemistry can also precisely formulate the ideal reference standards tailored to the specific needs of customers in almost any type of analysis. For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s analytical product offerings, please visit

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In the pursuit of becoming a global leading supplier of analytical chemistry reagents, Alfa Chemistry supplies a wide range of reference chemicals for a variety of analytical applications. The company always put high emphasis on helping customers successfully and efficiently solve problems arising from lab analytical testing. Overall, reducing product quality risks, protecting health and safety, and enhancing market advantage for its customers are the company’s long-standing social responsibility.