To better conquer the challenges posed in the testing of a wide diversity of materials, Alfa Chemitry newly launched a subsidiary branch—T,C&A Lab, which specializes in the testing, characterization & analysis of a comprehensive range of high performance materials. Materials testing is a well-established technique used to determine the physical and mechanical properties of nearly all raw materials and components.

Through materials testing, a wealth of information related to the tested items can be obtained. The data collected are very useful to many people such as engineers and designers for the following reasons: first, to meet requirements of regulatory agencies; second, to evaluate product design or improvement specifications; third, to select appropriate materials for a certain application scenario.

“Material testing is a necessary step for product production, quality control, education or research,” says a spokesman from Alfa Chemistry. “Our T,C&A Lab has accumulated years of experience on testing materials. Researchers at Alfa Chemistry can conduct a large range of material analysis and characterization under standard guidelines and methods, and also provide custom testing according to clients' testing purposes and applications of the testing requirements.”

Two major material testing services provided at T,C&A Lab: 
Corrosion Testing
Corrosion testing is a material test that detects the chemical or physical (or mechanical)-chemical damage process caused by the interaction of metals or other materials with the environment. T,C&A Lab provides a wide range of ASTM corrosion testing, including ASTM B117 salt spray testing and many other corrosion testing services.

Mechanical Testing
Mechanical testing helps enterprises to prove the durability, stability and safety of their products to customers. T,C&A Lab can provide a full range of mechanical testing services for metals and alloys, and provide fast and reliable results and reports.

In addition to the above two types, other material testing services are also available at T,C&A Lab, which include: Ingredient Analysis, Structure Identification, Morphology & Size, Material Properties, Composite Testing, Non-Destructive Testing, Material Characterization, Performance Testing, Polymer Material Analysis, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Metallurgical Analysis, Restricted Substances Testing, Reverse Engineering Service, and Industrial Diagnosis.

To learn more about T,C&A Lab’s material testing abilities or if you have any questions, please visit or just email at for suggestions.

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Having been a reliable partner for universities, research institutes as well as manufacturing companies, Alfa Chemistry has been supplying chemicals like catalysts, fatty acids, functional polymers, materials, nanomaterials, regents for application in different scenarios. To continue to upgrade its business areas, it also launches a testing branch—T,C&A Lab for custom testing, characterization and analysis of a variety of materials.