Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab, a cGMP-compliant laboratory of Alfa Chemistry, today unveils its polymer analysis and testing services, which is now available for clients across the global polymer industry. With decade-long experience in the analytical testing field, the lab is able to conduct monomer composition identification and mechanical property testing of polymers like rubber, plastic, and fiber in accordance with the ASTM and ISO standards.

To ensure that a material is suitable for its intended application, polymer testing and analysis is required. Both physical and analytical methods (such as mass spectrometry and gel permeation chromatography) are used so that the chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties of a polymeric material can be better clarified and verified.

“The use of polymers is so pervasive. In nearly all industries such as construction, engineering, and countless commercial products, the presence of polymers can be easily found. Polymeric materials are also widely applied in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, personal care cosmetics, and food and beverage packaging. Therefore, the need for polymer analysis arises from nearly all industries,” commented a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab. “Our cGMP-compliant testing Lab has been serving customers worldwide for years and thus accumulated extensive expertise in the analysis and testing of polymers and polymeric materials. In addition, the versatile analytical techniques we employed would ensure the validity and accuracy of the final results.”
The analytical techniques that may be used in polymer analysis and testing include: chromatography, spectroscopic methods, microscopy, physical testing, wet chemistry, thermal analysis, titrations, etc.

The following services are within the testing capability range of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab:
Monomer composition analysis
Pigment determination
Additive quantitation
Percent and type determination of filler
Contaminant analysis
Failure analysis
Antioxidant analysis
Copolymer analysis
Crosslink density analysis
Residual monomer concentration analysis
Absolute/relative molecular weight analysis
Weight percent analysis
Mold release - slip agents composition analysis
Mechanical and physical testing
Thermal analysis

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Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is devoted to solving problems in analytical testing of various items. Owing to its advanced instruments such as chromatography (HPLC, GC, GC/MS) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS, GFA, FIAS), the lab has gradually gained universal recognition from its customers. Being trust-worthy, professional and reliable, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is missioned to reduce product quality risks, protect health and safety, enhance market advantage, and transfer trust value. The lab’s scientists are constantly adapting to the changing regulations and ongoing needs.