Stocking and setting up the stores are the talk of old villages now. The million dollar thoughts emphasize over building the chain system and work over the profit of others.

Connecting the different businesses over same platform is the easy medium which shares the profit between multiple partners. Sharing the profit not necessarily reduces the profit, instead increases the margin by bringing more customers in between.

Alibaba is a marketplace, which dominates the Chinese consumer retail industry. It is China's and by some measure, World's largest Retailer and E-commerce company. The surprising thing is they do not have any inventory from the merchandise. They just connect buyers and sellers. When most of the companies enjoy today's success Jack Ma, co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group believes in thinking ahead of 5 years and acts for that future goal. is one of its kind and largest online B2B (business-to-business) platform which rules over 200 plus countries.

Most of the commercial site depends on their official website for providing details of their existing and newly arrived products and services. Another way to connect with consumers is the official mobile application. But not all consumers are comfortable with mobile Apps and rely on website browsing. So, well-known eCommerce companies are switching to Web Apps from normal Mobile applications with the help of innovative mobile app development services.

Why Alibaba chose to become a PWA development company?

Being one of the famous and globally recognized E-commerce companies Alibaba team decided to upgrade its website into a PWA to impress its first-time visitors. It was done in a hope to make those visitors visit on a regular basis and provide users with trustworthy, captivating and fast user experience. When Alibaba upgraded its website to a Progressive Web App, it saw a 76% rise in the total conversions across the browsers.

What is Progressive web Application and how it works?

Progressive Web Apps are not like any other local Apps, because they are not available on play store or App store. Progressive Web Applications are like a fusion approach of an application that is very similar to a website. It is very easy to use just like any other Apps. The user feels like navigating through regular Apps while surfing on any of the browsers. As mobile technology become apparent and changing the way of consumer experience on-the-go commerce, famous brands are being focused on enhancing the user experience while using their sites on mobile.

This has become an essential part of their success. It gives both easy access to the site on the go and gives immense service just like any other application. The maneuvers of PWA development company has made it simple for them by developing cutting-edge solutions of mobility, from the growth of the best platform of enterprise mobility to the innovation and implementation of new technologies. In the evolving digital world, people are promptly using their mobile phones for accessing the Internet. Most of the crowd depends on their mobile phone to do any kind of activity over the internet.

This way the web app development services are purported to fade away, but this is not the scene in fact. The revolutionary service make the mobile apps easily usable and that too with negligible load on almost all platforms. The high use of mobile device for operations inspired the Leading mobile app developers for innovation in this field and to make websites more mobile user friendly. There are many analytical factors for E-commerce companies when visitors visit their page. Such as Page visits, Customer conversion rate, High engagement, low data usage and how to increase the total time spent by a visitor on the website. PWA is a game-changing technology that represents the next evolution in mobile-directed commerce.

Why PWAs are so much in news these days?

PWAs are the easiest platform to browse just like any other native apps. They make online shopping experience effortless. This can be achieved with the help of web application development services. Below are the reasons why PWAs are so much in demand:

1. PWAs are primarily websites and accessed on browsers only. There is no lengthy process of installation like Mobile Apps. It is similar to surf a website and user-friendly.

2. Another amazing feature of PWAs is, it does not look like any other web page that is opened in a browser. It looks similar to any mobile application. It also provides smartphone features such as cameras, maps, and contacts.

3. PWAs consume fewer data and can work smoothly on a flaky network too. It can provide a seamless experience to the consumer by which they prefer to revisit the site when needed and makes them a regular user for E-commerce.

4. It supports almost all browsers like Opera Mini, Google Chrome, UC Browser, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Users can choose any of their favorite browsers to access the web page.

5. Even one can access through Browser, PWAs can be added to Home Screen easily for Further use.

6. PWA provides offline functionality using a service worker and Cache API. When consumer browses the webpage Service worker runs on background and execute the pulling of cache material and push notification. It stores new content in the browser and does changes to the local server. This enables offline usages by providing basic navigation through the web page.

7. PWA provides speedy response possible by storing the repetitive elements. This makes the E-commerce sites more user-friendly by loading the pages in a blink of an eye.

There were many challenges Alibaba faced with any regular browser as the mobile web is their main platform for discovery on mobile. So, they have focused on design and functionality. It was difficult for them to provide a user-friendly experience on the mobile web for an engaging consumer.

Though many of the consumers never want to switch to Mobile App no matter how comfortable it is. According to’s mobile unit Director, “Users consider having to download an app to browse or complete a transaction an unnecessary barrier, compared to the quick, easy solution of browsing directly from their mobile browser.” The revolutionary step of upgrading the site to the Progressive Web App is a shocking initiative and on the other hand increased the demand of web application development services and proved as a parameter of success for them.


Business owners are relentlessly working for providing the elite experience through mobile apps and the business applications. For the nontechnical readers of this blog, my suggestion would be to choose any mobile app development services wisely, and the work of the company must not compromise with your goal of giving user-friendly experience and to reach potential consumers. Ofcourse, Alibaba would have approached for the leading mobile app developers for taking such big brand to PWAs.

For the small businesses too, PWA is a preferable choice especially when you desirably want to serve your customers. The number of different approaches are applied by the companies and these approaches don't effect the ultimate solutions. The 76% higher conversion across all browsers, 14% more monthly active users and 4X high interaction rate from Add to Home-screen is the proof of Alibaba's evolutionary success. That can be yours too! Give a thought over this!!.

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