Now days there exists cut throat competition in all professions that even small business operators like car servicing centres are making strategies to dominate the market. If you are also in the profession of car servicing and willing to see an increase in the number of clients then undergoing the Alientech Training course is the best way for you to make your dream come true. Because after taking this course you will be able to offer an alluring service to your clients which they would not find at the centre of your contender.

Well, before talking about the course let us go through the regular services offered by you and the problems rectified by you. The common services offered at car servicing centre are cleaning, checkup of different points, checking of leakages, replacing engine oil, brake oil, coolant, repairing or replacing the damaged components, wheel balancing and alignment etc. Similarly, the common problems faced by the customers are irritating sounds coming from engine, clutch, gearbox, problem in gear shifting, slipping of clutch, decline in the fuel efficiency etc. Although all these problems are common problems and every service centre has the team of experts to rectify these issues.

But the problem which almost all technicians face is change in the mechanism of cars manufactured in today’s scenario. The cars of today’s generation are controlled by the engine control unit installed in the on-board diagnostic port of the car, the ECU is basically the computerized software that regulates the functionality of engine and various components associated with the engine through sensors. To regain the desired fuel efficiency, the expert technicians tune the settings of ECU, resulting an increase in the power and torque generation efficiency of the car along with its fuel efficiency.

In the earlier days as the whole mechanism was controlled manually the mechanics used to tune the engine manually, with entrance of computer software in the mechanism tuning of car also underwent computerized and required the need of an expert technician to tune the engine control unit with help of Alientech Tuning Software which is a complex software and can be accessed by the person have proper knowledge of using it.

Going through this requirement, lots of institutes like Viezu Technologies are initiating engine tuning and remapping course to acquaint the young car technicians with the knowledge of tuning by making proper use of supportive software. The course is designed for both gasoline and diesel engines, depending upon the preference of the students they are taught the methods of tuning the engines. However with an objective to offer extra ordinary services to their clients students are pursuing tuning course for both types of engines so that do not let their clients of get disappoint from their centre due to their expertise only in tuning of one type of engine.

During the course students are not only provided the theoretical knowledge but also undergo practical training so that they do not face any problem while working independently after accomplishing their course. The topics covered under Alientech course include introduction to remapping, the Diesel engine, fuel Injection systems, intake system, supercharging system, antipollution system, engine control unit, tuning case studies, ECM Titanium Software Tour, drivers, Alientech Databank, diesel tuning, petrol/ gasoline Tuning, petrol Turbo Tuning and DSG Tuning.

So, now if you are willing to witness the dynamic hike in the number of clients at your car service centre undergoing such training courses will help you in making your dream come true.

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So, now if you are willing to witness the dynamic hike in the number of clients at your car service centre undergoing such tuning training courses will help you in making your dream come true.