"Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart." - Erma Bombeck

Dining is one of the most enjoyable activities we engage in and many of us have gotten so concerned about what we eat that we rarely if ever enjoy this wonderful activity. We eat food we don't like because it's supposed to be "good for us" and we avoid food we love because we've been told it's "fattening" or "bad for us." Even when we eat the foods we love, we may be so consumed with guilt or fear, that the pleasure is lost. With the Law of Attraction, we can enjoy the abundant pleasures of food again. YAY!

If you listen to the experts, it's difficult to find anything to eat or drink. There's something wrong with all of it, according to some authority. We've been taught that food is the enemy, that food causes weight gain, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Food is NOT the enemy. If there is an "enemy," it's negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

When you feel good about what you eat, you align your thoughts with your actions. When your thoughts and actions are in alignment, there is value in all foods. When your thoughts and actions are in alignment, you are free to eat whatever you desire and enjoy food again.

To take back the sensual pleasures of food and drink, try this Joy of Food Exercise:

Celebrate the experience with attractive plates, decorative place settings, tablecloths, flowers, and candles.

Be present and eat mindfully. Feast with your eyes. Notice the appearance, the textures, the colors. Inhale the aroma. Taste it - you have 10,000 taste buds designed to bring you pleasure. Touch it. Yes, touch it. My Indian friends tell me the Ayervedic way is to eat with the fingers.

Slow down and take your time as you fully savor each bite.

Acknowledge and appreciate everyone and everything involved in getting the food to you - the farmers who prepared the soil and planted the seeds, the rain and sunshine that helped it grow, the people who harvested it, the drivers who transported it to the store where you bought it, the vehicle you used to get to the store, the stockers, checkers, baggers at the store, the money to buy it, the appliances and fuel you used to cook it.

Set your intentions to be rejuvenated and refreshed by the experience. Allow the food to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

In the same way that we're remembering that life is supposed to be fun, we're getting back to the simple realization that food is supposed to be fun, that dining is supposed to be satisfying and pleasurable. With the Law of Attraction, we can enjoy the sensual pleasures of the table and attain and maintain our ideal health and fitness at the same time! Your thoughts created the body you now have. Your thoughts can create the body you would like to have.

Author's Bio: 

Kate Corbin is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and the creator of Gold Star Coaching. Both her coaching practice and her two ebooks - Dining at the Cosmic Cafe, How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire as well as Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction - are designed to empower you to truly live the life of your dreams. To contact Coach Kate, check out her books, and subscribe to her free ezine, Magical Musings, visit Gold Star Coaching.