Remember the last time you took a rain check and cleaned up your house! Don’t you love that feeling and positive energy that comes from a de-cluttered and clean house? However, managing work, as well as the household tasks, can take a toll on your life.

So, what can be done?

The right move would be to look for reliable professional disinfection services Dubai, to ensure that your residence, as well as a commercial premise, is impeccably clean. This is especially true when you are too tired, busy, or just don’t have time at hand.

Now, the methods involved in residential or commercial cleaning purposes can vary vividly. Here in this blog, we will outline all that you need to know about residential and commercial cleaning services.

Materials Used: Unless you have some troublesome kids wreaking havoc to the cleanliness of your home, your residential property might not get as dirty as a commercial one. So, when hiring a professional air duct cleaning or laundry duct cleaning service provider, you will notice that the cleaning materials vary a lot. This is due to the fact that commercial spaces use professional machinery and expect more footfalls as compared to residential spaces.

Pricing: Another thing you will notice about the professional cleaning service providers is the fact that the pricing for residential and commercial cleaning differs a lot. As evident from the point explained earlier, commercial spaces tend to get dirtier as compared to the residential spaces. Not just that, commercial spaces generally cover an area that is larger than residential spaces with a higher amount of footfall. So, it is obvious that the pricing of commercial cleaning would be higher than any residential kitchen duct cleaning or mold removal, Dubai, services.

Timing: In most cases, the services for residential & commercial AC duct cleaning Dubai, or similar types are completed during the daytime or whenever the residents are available to monitor the same. Plus, the cleaning session for a residential space doesn’t last as long as a commercial cleaning service. On the other hand, commercial cleaning is done mostly during the night time or evening when the employees aren’t around. This ensures that the work isn’t disturbed in any way while the cleaning session is thorough.

Workforce Required: Up until this point, it is obvious that residential cleaning services require a different set of protocols as opposed to the commercial spaces. The same goes true for the workforce required. While your residential spaces might require a small team to handle the task, the same might not be true for professional commercial cleaning. So, keep this in mind the next time you look for a team that can get started with your cleaning requisites.


A clean house or workspace ensures that you are an optimist and positive for all your approaches in life. Keeping every nook and corner of the house might not be something you would want to do on your weekends. So, make sure you hire a professional team that can get the job done in a perfect manner as you sip your cup of coffee while being free of any worries! Go ahead; spend some “Me” time! You deserve it!

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