Consulting is the process of formally seeking ideological support or discussing the ideas at hand to ensure informed decision-making. Several risks underlie in policy advice with inadequate regard to community consultation. That is the reason why community consultation should be at the core of every project before the implementation. Community consultation is usually a time-consuming process that can sometimes be costly. However, without consulting community majority of decisions can be compromised.

The government officials associated with the conduction of community consultation may in the past have questioned the relevance of this process and struggled with its development. However, the reason that the people give for not consulting is obvious and unreasonable. The Governments make the efforts of consulting the society with the aim to streamline the resolution of planning issues at all levels of the government. The main goal of community consultation is to achieve better communication and understanding among people. This will lead to a better way of understanding the community needs and the best ways of solving them.

There is no doubt that community consulting provides insight and information that have extreme relevance in policy implementation. Community consultation is necessary for some extents of fundamental factors driving particular problems such as road expansion or rural housing. Capacities of sectoral interests and local communities require intensive informative discussions with the community.

There are several things that the process of community consultation requires to be successful. Some of them include:

Pure and explicit objectives for the community consultation, a community consultation plan detailing opportunities to partake and the turnaround time. The process also requires an evaluation of the success of each and every mechanism that will be used to seek advice from the community. The process among many more should at least portray an effective communication of the outcome of the community consultation.

Effective publicity is required to ensure all the groups are involved publically. If the value of the community is being consulted, the cultural activities and the social-economic activities are not taken into account, then the process cannot be marked effective. Each of the points discussed comes with several portholes that can have some significant effect on the main purpose of the community consultation.

An independent perspective can be involved in making the difference between the indisputable evidence and subjective interpretation. For an effective policy implementation, you have to ensure that the project responds positively to the needs of the locals. For this to come to a reality, understand the community.

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