"What is a cookie and why do I need to know about them?" As a web developer this is a question that I hear from clients all the time. And if they don't ask the question, I answer it anyway.

Cookies are a small text file composed of alphanumeric characters, which is created on your computer when your browser accesses a website that uses cookies. The name cookie derives from UNIX objects called magic cookies. These are tokens that are attached to a user or program and change depending on the areas entered by the user or program.

There are two types of computer cookies: temporary and permanent. Temporary cookies, also called session cookies, are stored temporarily in your browser's memory and are deleted as soon as you end the session by closing the browser. Permanent cookies, also called persistent cookies, are stored permanently on your computer's hard drive and, if deleted, will be recreated the next time you visit the sites that placed them there.

Both temporary and permanent computer cookies can be used for many helpful purposes. Automatic registration logon, preserving website preferences, and saving items to a shopping cart are all examples of cookies put to good use. But permanent cookies also resulted in unanticipated uses, such as Web profiling.

A terrific resource for all things cookies is All About Cookies.org which is a free resource designed to help marketers and consumers understand cookies and the issues surround the use of cookies.

If you want to create cookies on your website there are many javascript sources that you can use. Just Google the words "Javascript Cookie Script" .

Here are several resources for you:

TechPatterns.com - Javascript Cookie Script

The JavaScript Source - Cookie Scripts


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