Are your regular dentures causing you trouble? Do you want your dentures that are easy and comfortable to handle and don’t slip when you talk or eat? Well, dental implants can be a boon for the ones that suffer from bad teeth or gum disease. Let us now explore some of the facts and important information about mini implants that will help you out.

Few basics about Dental Implants you need to know about
Just as the name suggests, mini implants are generally smaller diameter root form implants placed in bone just like traditional root from implants. These dentures are fixed to these implants. It can be done either immediately or even later. This type of teeth relies on adequate denture and support from gum tissue. So, chewing can be enhanced over denture especially when enough of the implants are placed to support chewing forces.

Mini implants are popularly used for proper support to hold denture in place. They are ideal for the teeth that are located in front of mouth. They have been used to replace the teeth located in small area of mouth where the regular implants can’t be placed.

Major types of dental implants
While considering implant dentistry, ensure that you choose restorative dentist and dental implant surgeon that recommend best dental implant depending on your condition and for changes that you want. The following are basic types of implants to choose from.

• Mini Dental Implant
These are root form implants that are smallest diameter implants available today. The diameter of implant is important to implant success. They are less than 3mm in diameter. Their placement is just like same to root form implants. The overall procedure is simple that appeals to novice implant dentist.

• Standard root form implants
They are like mini implants that are placed into centre of jaw bone directly. This anchor serves as base for crow as well as for multiple teeth. These types of root form implants require adequate bone base that is typically available.

• Sub-Periosteal Implants
This is the early on design of the dental implants. However, it is rarely used today. People who cannot have standard dental implants due to insufficient bone need to opt for subperiosteal. The implants are not placed inside the bone but on the surface.

Best benefits of Mini Dental Implants

• Minimally Invasive Surgery
Mini dental implants cause very less disturbance to the tissue and bone structures. All it needs is a small opening in gum line for the implants to be threaded into jaw bone. It makes this procedure very less invasive. It even makes it possible for the patients with low bone density to receive the mini dental implants.

• Short procedure
As compared to the traditional teeth implant procedure, the mini dental implants may be placed in just a matter of two or even less hours. While it is a bit lengthy process of planning location of implants before procedure, the surgery is very quick. There will be no need for more office visits.

Mini dental implants are the best alternative to the traditional implants that don’t need certain amount of the healing time. Go for it right away and schedule your consultation at now!

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