The shoulder holster is used to keep the gun. By wearing a handgun, it is a problem to go to every place. It will be a problem. People will fear you by seeing a gun. There will be a risk if others see it. Nowadays police and security guards are also wearing this for these because of its advantages.
Some Advantages of a shoulder holster.

A leather shoulder holster can be adjusted as it fits you. It will be fitted for you. You can run by it very comfortably. The weight of a gun is distributed very well across our bodies. You can fit it at your convenience. These became popular because of their free-to-use, convenience, and compatibility.

Because of its compatibility, we can wear it for the whole day without any problem. Nobody can spot there is a gun under your shoulder. These will be made with either leather or nylon cloths. Depending on the material, we will have advantages. Many people say that leather is more comfortable. Leather will be more comfortable because of its quality.

When you wear a leather shoulder holster because of its dynamics it will be easy to take guns from it easily when you sit. Then thigh holsters and shoulder holsters are more comfortable. If you sit a lot of time, then the shoulder holder gives you more advantage. I will be comfortable for you when you are sitting and standing. If you have holsters on both sides, the weight will be distributed very well, which will not lead to the bending of your shoulders.

Fitting the Shoulder Holster to your body
Firstly take a shoulder Holster without any guns or any magazines. Take them and put them on your shoulders to them as you wear a bag. It is simple and as same as wearing a bag. But on the back side, it will be a cross shape(the straps will be cross). Make sure the place of touching of straps is the higher position of your shoulders. Make sure that straps are not twisted. They should be flat.

Now tighten the straps with the help of the rig. Go and stand in front of a mirror and see how it fits you. Make some moments and test and adjust it to your comfort. It may take time to adjust. Now move the holster near your armpits. Move the magazine holster also near your armpit.

Adjust the angle of the holster that you are comfortable with. You can know the good position of holster position for you after a few sessions of practice drawing guns. See in which position you are comfortable taking the gun and adjusting to that angle.

Keep the gun and its magazines in their respective places where it fits. If you are a right-hand shooter, better to keep the gun in the left-side holster, and if you are a left-hand shooter then better to keep the gun in a right-side holster.

If you wear a loose jacket, such that the shoulder holster will not be visible to anyone. If you wear a tight jacket then people can understand clearly. Most of the time, keep the zip of the jacket open, Such that you can take out your gun very easily. Finally don’t forget to keep your permit and also practice taking guns out.

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A leather shoulder holster can be adjusted as it fits you. It will be fitted for you. You can run by it very comfortably.