The magnetism property of the magnet is due to the invisible magnetic field which a magnet produces. They are widely categorized in two parts: permanent magnet and temporary magnet. Permanent magnets will always retain their magnetism while the temporary magnets will show the magnetic qualities whenever it is around a very strong magnet. Due to the strong magnetism property the magnet is used in different appliances and instrument as it helps to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and can also convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They are widely used in electronic appliances, different industries, credit cards and household purpose.

China magnet is used in various tools, appliances, and industries. There are different applications of the permanent magnet and therefore they are customized and transported in custom magnets bulk quantities.

Let’s us quickly look at the industrial uses of magnets:

1. Loudspeakers

The loudspeaker converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The permanent magnet in the loudspeaker is fixed close to a mobile electromagnet coil and when the electric current passes it results in the vibration and the cone which is attached with the electromagnet produces sound waves.

2. In electric motors

The permanent magnets are the key element of the electric motors as it helps to convert the electrical energy into the mechanical energy which is the principal work of the electric motor.

3. In electric generators

The electric generator works on the reverse principle of the electric motor. It uses the permanent magnet to convert the mechanical energy into the electric energy.

4. In hard disk drives

Usually, there are three permanent magnets in a Hard Disk Drive commonly known as HDD. A fixed permanent magnet in the actuator, which moves the read-write arm, a small magnet at the end of the read-write arm, and a third permanent magnet in the spindle. Hard disk drives use magnetic storage mechanism in order to write and store information on a magnetically coated disk called platter.

5. Magnetic sweepers

They are widely used in industries to reduce the maintenance costs and eliminate manual working at airports, loading docks, and work sites

6. Credit cards and other ID cards

The black strip of the credit card is known as a magnetic strip. They are used in credit cards to help them work. They are also used in different ID cards.

7. Refrigerator doors

Refrigerator door uses a permanent magnet and other than door the gasket of the refrigerator that seals the door closed also has a thin magnetic strip.

8. Tools

Tools like magnetic screwdriver which easily attracts the small screws also uses a magnet. The magnet helps to attract the ferrous material and other magnetic products.

9. Automobiles

Hybrid and electric vehicles use powerful permanent magnets. The magnets used in automobiles are expensive and short in supply.

10. Jewelry

Permanent magnets are used in different form such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and some beads are also made up of permanent magnets. The permanent magnets used in the jewelry ensures that the jewelry is clasped closed.

Beside these there are numerous other industries that uses magnet in manufacturing mass products to supply as per the demand in different countries.

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