Webcasting has been taking the world by storm for quite a while now. It is one of the best ways to connect to your target audience precisely without burning a hole in the pocket. With webcasting, engaging members face to face regardless of geographical challenges has become more comfortable. Let's see, how 2019 is going to change the webcasting game for a better future.

1. Mobility

Smartphones and other devices have become an essential part of our lives. Every day, more and more people are getting connected to the world via smartphone. Stakeholders these days access webcasts through their smartphones. That's why optimising your webcast to support on these devices is gaining importance. It is crucial to decide on bandwidth and the length of the webcast to make sure that the viewers are not losing interest. Expanding the access to the webcast from PC, phones and tablets offers much larger viewership.

2. Globalism

This is one of the most magical features of webcasting. You can connect with the people across the globe without any hassle. Company's expanding international relations and increasing globalisation help them gain profits from this type of communication much more than the traditional forms of communication. The stakeholders of a company can be a part of the different, and I may be hard for them to understand an English webcast, but thanks to the technology, live webcasts are transmitted using simultaneous translators for people who are not comfortable understanding English. That takes the webinar to a different level altogether.

Additionally, the stakeholders that belong to a different time zone can also watch the recorded webcast session just by clicking a link.

3. Fast and affordable media

One of the reasons behind webcasting solutions gaining such a massive response is, as we have mentioned earlier, it's reached. But along with that, webcasts are a faster mode of communication. And quicker doesn't have to be costly in this case. These days, webinars are not limited to only the big corporates anymore. Even with the help of professional webcasting solutions providers, webcasting is affordable and helps you reach a larger target audience without moving from your office.

4. New application areas

By far, webcasting solutions are primarily used for meetings and publication of a product or a service. But going a step beyond, live streaming solutions are also favoured for in-house or internal corporate events like the announcements, internal meetings, lectures and presentations to name a few. Even for a product launch, people from around the corners of the earth can now ask questions regarding the product or service and get answers immediately. This makes it a great marketing tool. It also gives the company an opportunity to collect feedback from their target audience instantly.

Webcasting solutions are going to gain even more popularity in the future. Most of the times, webcasts are in a video format, but another type of webcasts is gaining popularity. It is known as Webcasting Radio. But only time will tell if it will stand the test of the time or not.

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He is an experienced entrepreneur & specialized in Live Webcasts & Streaming in all types of networks in India and overseas as well. Being an MD of the 24 Frames Digital Pvt. Ltd, a pioneered company offering webcast solutions, Mr Gupta has a skilled team deployed to execute every project to meet the expectations of all their esteemed clients.