Do you have a Diwali party to attend and sadly, you’re shorn of outfit ideas? Fine, you can forever drape your way to being gorgeous with the nine yards of marvel. If truth be told, a saree is the ultimate choice when it’s all about gracing with your presence on festive occasions like Diwali. But, make sure you aren’t caught up in the tedium of wearing only sarees. As a matter of fact, the saree is a highly versatile item of your wardrobe which offers umpteen numbers of ways to be innovative.

• Here an expert from an institute for fashion designing in Delhi has got you a compilation of 4 novel ways by which you can don a saree and rock your Diwali look.

• Take a glance and never again think of not getting enough ideas as far as draping a saree is concerned.

1.Opt for an indo-western style
• If you’re feeling that always wearing a saree in the traditional way doesn't evoke too much interest, you can try out something which gives you a 100 percent guarantee of making you look trendy and stylish.
• Well, that perhaps is the best thing when it comes to wearing sarees.
• You can simply be dressed in them in numerous ways.
• A professional from a fashion design college in Delhi suggests experimenting with a fusion look by trying to wear it with fresh twists and turns.
• You can jazz it up with dhoti pants, a pair of denim, or an off-shoulder blouse and look uber-chic and elegant.
• Accessorize it with minimal trimmings so that the focus remains on your saree and everyone finds your one-off draping style astounding.

2. Look regal in white
• An expert from the best fashion designing college in Delhi says that as per convention even though white isn’t always a preferred choice, especially when it comes to attending parties on festive occasions, still it’s a good idea to bend certain rules at times, in particular, when the end result is all but stunning and gorgeous.

• Even if the majority of women have preferences of opting for vibrant shades when bedecking themselves for celebrations like a Diwali party, wearing a white saree with exquisite embroidery or embellishments is surely going to make you look outstanding.

• Pair it up with a designer blouse in a distinct cut or shape, in a contrasting color and round it off with chunky silver or gold jewelry to stir up a royal look.

3. Don a double pallu style
• You might be wrong if you’re of the opinion that the double pallu style of wearing a saree looks monotonous and old-fashioned.
• Gather the much-needed style cues from Bollywood celebrities and prettify yourself in an attractive drape with a double pallu fashion statement and gather all the attention you’re worthy of.
• Partywear sarees are available in wide-ranging styles, colors, and fabrics.
• A fashion pundit from a college for fashion designing in Delhi asks to keep in mind to look simple and avoid experimenting with this look by wearing a heavy saree.

4.Shine in timeless black
• Black is classy, gorgeous and sheer magic.
• According to professionals from a fashion designing college in Delhi, time and again, this has been proved by celebrities that black is everlasting and never goes outmoded.

• If you’re attending a grand Diwali party, the best way to be prominent among the crowd is by donning a black saree.
• Get it together with a designer blouse and look much in vogue.
• Make accessories such as chokers or danglers the perfect companion to your fabulously glamorous look.
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At IIFT Naraina, considered the ,best college of fashion designing in Delhi we’ve got a course just right for you to fuel your passion and interests!