This article is about the movie called All Good Things. Though the title may sound optimistic, the film itself is quite tragic. What makes it even more tragic is the fact that the movie is partly based on real events. Before we begin talking about the plot - the movie director and producer is Andrew Jarecki. The actors are very famous. Probably you've heard the name of Kirsten Dunst or Ryan Gosling.

Now, the plot. The main characters here are David Marks, in real-life, Robert Durst and his wife Kathleen McCarthy-Marks, in real life Kathleen McCormack. They married in the 1970s in the USA, New York, and David Marks was the son of a multimillionaire called Sanford Marks, Seymour Durst, in our life. When David and Kathleen married, they were very young, and they didn't know what they were signing and how it all was going to end. Kathleen was the one most affected. She didn't know how David's mother died and how he was watching her fall to her death from the roof, or how psycho David is. All Good Things movie review on Even though he is rich, probably with some education, he is still a psychopath and an evil person. I know it is spoilers, but probably you know how everything turned out in real life. He made Kathleen do an abortion, then he was abusing her mentally and physically, and then... oh god. I know, it is not proven that he murdered her, but she has been missing since 1982, January 31st. In 2017 she was announced to be dead, though they never found her body.

A few other people died when the investigation was open, and probably, they knew something about Kathleen's death. We will never know. Right now, David Marks, I mean Robert Durst, is free, and he is an investor. I agree with many people; he is too happy for what he has done. You may ask: "But Maria, wasn't he guilty of her murder or... was he just not suspected? No way!". Yes, but remember? He is rich. He rigged the whole system from the beginning. He bought everything! And also, the entire investigation was up only in the 2000s, and nobody had proof Kathleen McCarthy-Marks was dead. (That is why you don't marry a multimillionaire or psychos. They will not change!)

. What about the movie and the actors? I think they played very well. Though I spoiled the whole film for you, you need to watch it yourselves. It is not one of those mysterious movies, detectives where your brain is turned on, and works very quickly. It is the movie that you need to watch to know and feel it, make your conclusions. The curious question I asked myself was, how did Robert Durst react to the movies about himself being a murderer? Quite positively. I am out! I don't think that is the reaction you should get. But at the same time, what could he do? If he acted all sulky or mad, that would be a nice proof that he is guilty. Something still seems fishy to me.

Another curious thing is that while Durst was in the washroom during the court and the questioning, he was unaware that he was still being recorded on the microphone live. So he whispered to himself: "There it is. You are caught. What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course." If that was a joke, then Durst has a very dark and unfunny sense of humor. That is all I have to say.

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