All Natural Penis Enlargement: How To Increase Size Of Pennis Naturally

Whether they admit it or not, many men want to have a bigger penis. They believe that if they have a bigger penis, their performance in bed will be superior. As a result, many men depend on supplements, such as pills, creams and drops to get bigger penis. Others even dared to try dangerous techniques, for instance, the use of devices or mechanical tools that are usually painful. Some even tried non-surgical procedure for penis enlargement. However, those penis enlargement options are useless and very risky, not only to man's reproductive system but also to his overall health condition. Due to this, a great number of men are now seeking ways to get a bigger penis naturally.

Some people believe that there are no exercises that can make a penis bigger. No amount of masturbation can do the trick either. However, there are safe techniques found on the internet that would help a man get a bigger penis naturally. These techniques do not require anything but their hands and it is said to be safe. Now, if there is a man who is really desperate to get a bigger penis naturally then perhaps, he could try these techniques.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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People say that the best exercise for the penis to make it bigger is by stretching it. During day time, when penis is not erect, stretch it downward several times. This technique, apparently, will help lengthen the penis naturally. Another technique to get a bigger penis naturally is to massage the penis upward during erection. For these couple of techniques, they said, it should be done three to four times a day for about three to four months before one can get to see the result. These techniques may or may not give the result a man is looking for. There is no guarantee that this will work. But since it is natural and requires less effort, it is less likely to have serious side effects.

Don't be fooled by false advertisements all over the internet claiming they can make small penises grow bigger. So far, there is nothing out there that can guarantee effective results. Mostly, man aims to get a bigger penis naturally or scientifically so that they can perform expertly in bed. If that is the case, then, there are ways to improve sexual performance without resulting to some risky options of penis enlargement. Instead of wasting time contemplating ways to make penis bigger, naturally or not, men should concentrate on important matters, like keeping their body fit through regular exercise and proper diet.

When a man is overweight, his penis ostensibly shortens in appearance because body fats will conceal its actual size. Also, if a man is not physically fit there is a huge possibility that they cannot perform well in bed because they tend to get tired easily. As a result, their partner will not be satisfied by their performance. What's more important in bed is how long a man can withstand the intercourse without sacrificing their partner's pleasure.

Women would rather have sex with a man with great stamina but not so gifted manhood, than have sex with a man that has larger than life penis but cannot keep his stamina in check. Satisfying one's sexual partner is far more essential in bed than the size of the tool the man uses to have sex. Another way to improve sexual technique is to research for the best sexual positions or sexual toys that could add up to sexual pleasures. Man has to remember that the main use of their penis is to reproduce human kind, not merely to give satisfying sex. Even a penis 2 inches long is capable of making love and fathering a child.

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Many men believe that the way to deliver great sex is to a have larger penis. Once a man realizes that what he has is just about or below average he will most certainly try ask the question "How to increase my penis size?" Some even go through extensive research on the internet, ask questions on forums and even consult a doctor for ways to increase their penis size. The size of a penis of a man depends on the genes he inherited.

As per racial backgrounds, the average penis for a man of African descent is six to seven inches, European descent is around six inches and five centimeters, for Hispanic descent, it is more or less six inches, for a Native American, it is around five inches and seven centimeters and for an Asian, the average penis size is five inches and five centimeters. However, a lot of surveys about men's penis sizes, according to race, were self-measured and not verified. Also, a man from Asia can have the same size of penis as the man in Africa. Meaning, it really doesn't matter where a man came from, penis sizes vary.

When a man looks up the internet and searches for ways on "How to increase my penis size?" they are presented with several options. There are pills that claim to make their penis larger in a month, which is not true. There are also video exercises that promise to increase their penis size, as long as they follow the routine for a certain period of time. And of course, there are doctors who perform surgery to increase a man's penis. Yet, this procedure is very risky and most of the time, the result is not what people expect.

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Having more than the average size of penis can increase a man's self-esteem, believing that with his properly grown tool, he will be able to please any women in his bed. Normally, those men who ask the question "How to increase my penis size?" are those who have low self-esteem and often feel embarrassed because they don't have the standard size of penis. As a result, they feel that women do not desire them because they have smaller penises. So in order to feel confident about themselves, they spend lots of money purchasing supplements to increase their penis size to no avail.

Men have to remember that women prefer to date men who have self confidence regardless the size of their penis. Women's satisfaction in bed does not depend on how big or small the penis is. Women's enjoyment in sex is mostly based on the performance of their partner in bed. Women often find it unattractive when men brag about the size of their penis but lack great performance in bed. Having large penis does not guarantee pleasurable sex, in fact, some women would rather have sex with a man who has small penis than with a larger one, because it is less likely for them to feel any pain during sex.

A lot of women enjoy having sex with a man who treats them well and a man who is passionate about them. What's even more appealing to many women is when their partner takes the extra mile to please them in bed. Thus instead of wasting time and money looking for answers on "How to increase my penis size?" it would be better for men to study ways to please their partner in bed. Look for ways to improve themselves as a person by means of active life style. They can engage in sports activities, learn new skills and find additional hobbies or simply read books that will allow their intellect to grow. Women are more attracted to smart and talented men than a man with larger penis but short in brain content.

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If one is asking what is the best way to get a bigger penis, then chances are one would be bombarded with answers that place one's dream next to impossible. Such solutions may range from taking pills with unpredictable side effects to surgical procedures that are bound to leave one bankrupt. Even with the massive prices to pay, there is no way of telling how long the results of these artificial methods would last. Unbeknownst to many, there are safe, natural and effective ways to increase one's penis size; these methods are cheap, painless, easy to perform and the best thing is that they yield permanent results.

Jelquing is an age-old technique which is known to enhance both the length and the girth of a man's penis; this is performed by creating a milking movement along the length of one's half-erect penile shaft. Jelquing is properly done by encircling the base of the penis with one's thumb and forefinger in a moderately strong grip then sliding it forward to distribute an ample amount of blood to all parts of the erectile tissue; the other hand repeats the same process when the grip hand gets near the end of the shaft of the penis, creating a continuous movement. This exercise may be done with the use of massage oil or other non-irritating lubricants.

If one wants to know what is the best way to get a bigger penis, then it would be necessary to understand the mechanism of action of penis exercises. What exercises like jelquing actually does is to send more blood into the Corpus Cavernosum of the penis, hence, forcing it to adapt and therefore, expand. Another effective means of adding length and girth to one's penis is through ballooning; this simply means prolonging one's ejaculation up to five times during sexual activities. This is done properly by massaging one's erect penis from the scrotum to the penile shaft to increase blood flow; holding one's ejaculation increases the metabolism of male sex hormone testosterone. This method goes hand in hand with adequate exercise and proper nutrition as one would require a great deal of stamina to last in bed.

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The use of weights are another option for men who want to know what is the best way to get a bigger penis; the principle behind this exercise is stretching the suspensory ligament of the penis. This is performed by tying weights to straps or ropes which are attached to the head of one's penis; the weights must be allowed to hang for a few seconds up to a few minutes. One can gradually increase the weights after some time as well as the number of times the exercise is repeated. However, one must remember that this is a potentially dangerous exercise that can yield disastrous results; hence, this should be done with absolute care and moderation.

Getting enough exercise also helps increase the size of one's penis as excessive fat that is stored around the groin area makes one's penis appear smaller. Regular trimming or shaving the pubic hair also helps a man's penis appear longer as this exposes the area which is concealed by the thick hair. Regardless of what women say about size not being an issue, penis size still remains to be an obsession among men; the fact is that a larger penis provides men with greater self confidence that can yield positive results not only to their sex life but also to other aspects of their lives. Knowing how to achieve a bigger penis through these natural methods will help one become the man he has always wanted to be.

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Your manhood size is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of your sex life. Being bigger down there no doubt makes you appear sexually appealing to your woman, and have what it takes to satisfy her desires.

But the million dollar question is... can you actually make your penis size increase when you are already a grown up adult man today?

The answer is absolutely yes!

And it is not just some wishy-washy talk. Medical science has found evidence that the male organ of an average adult man can still gain physical size through proper stimulation.

So you do not have to resort to having some kind of corrective surgery to extend the length and girth of your manhood!

Now the question is... how do you do it then?

There are various ways that can help make your penis size increase; either by using special stretching tools, or taking proper health supplements. But one of the easiest methods you can use is simply to exercise your male organ.

You see, doing exercises to your penis helps to enhance its size based on allowing more blood to be stored in its main blood chambers.

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The exercising actions you perform on your male organ causes the cells which make up the blood chambers to divide and expand. This multiplication and enlarging of cells increase the capacity for your penis to accommodate more blood in its chambers.

And when this does, the logical result is a physically enlarged manhood!

One advantage of doing penis enlargement exercise is that every bit of inch you gain to your manhood size remains for good. This is mainly due to the fact that cells no longer shrink once they have expanded in size.

So you really do not have to spend the rest of your life exercising your manhood to keep it bigger in size!

Penis exercising is an absolutely easy thing to do...

In fact, you only require a few minutes in a day and just your pair of hands to perform all the required routines. There is no need for you to rely on any expensive gadgets to do the exercises.

It is highly effective too - you should only need to perform the exercises for about 4 to 6 weeks in order to make your penis size increase permanently!

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