The sun and the passing years make us look stained faces, dull and lifeless, and for this problem, the vast majority of women are willing to pay large sums of money to look whiter skin and sun spots free even without taking into account the side effects that all skin lightening products can bring, situations like being much more stained than the beginning, or any kind of problem.
I always thought that natural is Best, whether it is related to food, skin care, health or hair. Natural products are Safe, easily available and chemicals that may be more dangerous than beneficial. Skin Whitening is something you can get with products we have to reach without spending thousands of dollars on such costly creams. Here is a list of All Natural Skin Care Treatment:


Dead cells make your skin look dark and dull, drinking milk every day gives your skin a glow while eliminating all the dead cells, the regular drinking days will look a youthful, renewed and clean.


Blueberries are known for its antioxidant properties and this is because they contain tannins which are antioxidants that inhibit the production of melanin maintaining clear skin smooth and youthful.


Believe it or not, many whitening products containing papaya, as it is auxiliary dead skin renew skin look radiant and young. It helps to reduce dark spots caused by sun damage. And not only that, it contains vitamin C which makes it rich in antioxidant. Prepare papaya paste and apply as a mask on the affected area for 10-20 minutes every other day do to get good results.


Blend Lemon juice and tomato, make a fine paste, apply a thin layer of this mixture on the skin. Leave about 15 minutes and then lightens the skin with warm water. Pat your Skin with a soft cloth. The tomato lime juice gives skin the appearance of light and clarity. Gradually, the skin becomes accustomed to the lemon.


Honey is a natural bleach that cures all skin diseases. Honey enter the pores and clean them thoroughly. What you do is before bed, make a moisturizing mask by mixing 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon of honey and apply on the skin. When 15 minutes have passed, you must remove the mask with warm water and soap and dry with a soft towel.


To keep your skin free of dead cells and white should exfoliate once a week with sugar + olive oil. Make a paste of 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the paste with your fingers, massaging the skin with circular motions, you can leave about 15 minutes and then remove with warm water.


Yogurt is another excellent remedy for skin lightening because it contains lactic acid and Many Skin Lightening Creams uses lactic acid to create a more radiant skin. For this Method, simply apply natural yogurt as a mask on the affected area. You can also mix some oats and sugar for best results.
As there are many ways to keep your skin lighten, brighten. All that is required is that you are consistent with any of the above tips and you'll get with little money beautiful skin and full of brightness and youth.

Most of the tips, especially those containing lemon you use them with great caution and only at night, making sure you have washed your face well before going out in the morning as lemon in contact with the sun on your skin much more what the bleach in the dark.
Of course you should not forget that the sun's rays are becoming more harmful and should use some factor of sunscreen to avoid those terrible stains and not only that, you should also avoid cancer.

I hope these tips will be useful and if you know of a natural remedy for skin lightening, feel free to share with us.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Tom Balshi, beginner of Balshi Skincare, is board certified in dermatology and internal medicines. His approach for All natural skin care line was born from decades for maintain good health, preventing injuries and to improve the condition of our skin.