Here is my list of all Nigerian foods, the few that I could remember. I am writing this for people that are interested in making Nigerian foods. Nigerian

cuisines range from meal of cereals to legumes, aquatic lives, vegetables, fruits and so much more.

I want to give you a list of very popular Nigerian foods and a detailed information on how to make Nigerian porridge yam. I chose porridge yam

because I recently developed a special likeness for a recipe I discovered recently. I have made and eaten different yam recipes in Nigerian but what I

am going to be talking about here is the exact kind of recipe you find in Nigerian posh restaurants.

The most widely eaten Nigerian food is jollof rice, a very popular rice recipe, although, fried rice is slowly taking the center stage. I like the both of

these rice recipes, I made the two for Christmas so that people have to choose, some even like a blend of both.

Second on my list of popular Nigerian foods is eba. Eba is a by-product of cassava, the production of eba involves several processes and often takes

more than twenty four hours before the finale result is achieved. Eba and fufu are closely related and they are not served alone in Nigeria, it is like

eating boiled white rice without stew.

In Nigerian eba or fufu is served with Nigerian soups. You probably should have heard about soups, I know about soup recipes in China, India and

the whole of Africa or perhaps your country don't make soups, no problem.

The third on my list of Nigerian foods would be beans recipes, we have the very popular porridge beans in Nigeria and a Yoruba local beans recipe

called ewa. I have lived in a Yoruba land for the past six years and have learned so much about foods eaten in this part of the country. I like ewa and

bread, it is a perfect breakfast recipe in Lagos Nigeria.

There are still many other popular Nigerian foods that are supposed to be on this page like the yam recipes I talked about briefly above, different

salad recipes, fruits, pastas and so many others.

So lets get to making my popular porridge yam recipe.

The ingredients below would serve about six people, you can increase or reduce depending on the number of people you are looking to feed and of

course the size of their belle.

The Ingredients Include.

1 medium sized tuber of yam
Ten balls of fresh tomatoes
15cl vegetable or groundnut oil
Maggi seasoning (2cubes)
2 bulbs of onions
Half cup of crayfish
Fluted pumpkin (optional)
Canned tomatoes (smallest size)
Salt and pepper to taste.

Peel off the back of the yam and slice to serve-able bits. I like to slice them into tiny bit, it is the best size for porridge yam, I have a detailed video about this recipe on my site.

Ground the fresh tomatoes and fresh pepper to a very smooth paste and also slice the leaves if it is not already sliced. In Nigerian we do the majority

of the preparation part in the market, the food stuff sellers have a way of preparing every one of the ingredients like the slicing of leaves and

grounding of tomatoes.

Also ground the half cup of crayfish with a kitchen blender.

Set your cooking pot on the burner, allow to dry before adding the ten to fifteen centiliter of vegetable oil, heat for three minutes and add the ground

tomato/pepper paste and stir. Keep stirring occasionally for the next eight to ten minutes until it looses its sour taste due to frying

You can taste the tomatoes to be on the safe side.

Add about a cup of water and also add the yam. Make sure that the yam is not completely submerged in the water. Also add the ground crayfish, a cube of maggi or two.

Add salt to taste and allow to boil for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

After cooking for ten to fifteen minutes you can pierce with a cooking fork to check if the yam is soft enough for consumption, add vegetables

(optional), cook for another three minutes and stir very well to achieve the very thick syrup that is an integral part of the Nigerian porridge yam.

You just made a delicious of Nigerian porridge yam, congratulation!

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