I’m a big fan of live music and attending concerts, from small intimate venues in coffee shops to large multi-stage outdoor festivals. Many years ago while at the De Luna Festival in Pensacola and watching the Jane’s Addiction concert, I had this huge realization and appreciation for all that it takes to put those four guys on stage for a concert. While the band is focused on performing for the audience, there is a large crew making sure that everything possible is done to provide the best experience for those in attendance, not unlike a Transaction Coordinator. Giving the concert attendee the best experience means they tell others, they remain fans and it means more record sales, merchandise and future concert events.

If the members of this band thought for a moment that they could do it alone, we’d have likely never heard of them. While they may be great musicians without a team or crew they would still be a garage band somewhere in Los Angeles. All Rock Stars Know that the crew is essential to their success and in them being able to share their passion for music with the world.

Too often I meet Realtors who think that they can do it all and some are even taught that. Believing it’s only a website, a letter, a trip to deliver escrow, a phone call, a fax, a spreadsheet, a flyer, etc. And they seem to wear a badge of honor as the one who “Does It All”. Sure these things and many more are necessary to accomplish the sale of a house, but it doesn’t mean that they are the only person capable of doing them. Often there is someone better, cheaper, and faster to do the task which frees up the Realtor to focus on other things like generating more sales, business building, strengthening relationships within your sphere of influence, or the ever popular DAY OFF.

“If you think you can do it alone, then you’re thinking too small.” – Nancy Soloman

As a the leader of a team of Transaction Coordinators, part of my work is helping educate Realtors to the options that are out there to help them create the business and life they wish for. Many believe that they must wait until they reach a certain level of success to afford to hire someone. And some I’ve met have considered hiring an assistant or maybe even tried with less than stellar results. Most think the person they hire must be in their office. With today’s technology, help to grow your business and maintain a level of sanity that can feel elusive when you’re going at it alone, is just a phone call or a click away.

I’ve seen businesses and lives changed by people just getting a little help and support. Simply delegating one part of the business, like contract to close, to a competent transaction coordinator is often where it all starts. Soon they are bringing on other team members and much like the example of the band above, they are shining brightly on stage, doing the part of the business that they LOVE and that only they can while their team helps them reach their dreams.

Your business should be serving you, providing you freedom and financial opportunities. If it’s not, perhaps it’s time to think about bringing a virtual crew together to support you in accomplishing your dreams. Let me know if I can help.

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In 2005, I created Transaction Management Consultants, or TMC to fill a genuine gap in the real estate market. Giving Realtors, investors and developers access to the nation's best Transaction Coordinators without the hassle and overhead associated with traditional hiring methods.