Maple is a versatile hardwood that is common in modern kitchens. It works with a variety of kitchen styles, making it a top option for kitchen remodeling. Handling maple kitchen cabinets is easy if you understand the basics about this type of wood.

We will talk about it exploring everything that you need to know. Afterward, you can decide if maple kitchen cabinets are ideal for you.

Characteristics of maple

Maple wood is known for its smooth grain and non-porous surface. This is what makes them popular ideal for a variety of cabinetry options in the kitchen.

Some maple woods have curling grain, mineral streaking, and varying bird’s eye dots. These features enhance the uniqueness of this wood type, increasing its demand in the kitchen.

An important tip for you to note about maple kitchen cabinets is that they deepen their color as they are exposed to heat and UV rays.

Maple kitchen cabinets finishes

Maple takes multiple stains and finishes. This will allow you to choose your ideal aesthetic desire. You can explore the finishes online and choose the right one that fits your desires.

In addition to choosing the right finish for your maple kitchen cabinets, you should also consider the amount of light getting to the kitchen. You should choose a finish that will protect cover against harmful UV rays.

Cost of maple kitchen cabinets

Compared to other hardwood options, installing maple kitchen cabinets is more affordable. The cost of installation will vary depending on the size of your kitchen. The style of the cabinets that you choose will also determine the total cost.

A valuable tip that you can use to reduce the overall cost of maple kitchen cabinets is sourcing from different online retailers. You can compare prices before you settle on one. Choosing the ready-to-assemble option is also a great way of saving money.

Maple kitchen cabinets ideas

You can get inspiration from online kitchen magazines or websites. But some of the basic ideas that work well include:

- Dark maple wood with black granite countertops give the kitchen a traditional look
- Ivory maple cabinets with dark accessories to create an open space in the kitchen
- Colorful maple cabinets with a fun backsplash to create a modern aesthetic in the kitchen.

These are just some ideas that you can borrow; there are more ideas that you can use when installing maple kitchen cabinets .

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