NVR security system in Sydney

First, you must understand what an NVR system is. A network video recorder is popularly known as NVR, which is a useful software that allows video surveillance recording in a digital format to a USB flash drive, memory card, disk drive, or other similar storage devices. 

This does not come with dedicated hardware for video capture, but the software makes use of a dedicated device.

 An NVR security system in Sydney is deployed in an IP video surveillance system. These security systems are wireless and are very easy to set up.

 Moreover, you can easily access them via a web browser, and you will get notified by email when an alarm is triggered.

Different types of NVR Security System

4 channel NVR security system — This is a Network video recorder of entry-level that can be used in your home, small office, or retail store applications.

 It does not require any specific software or hardware and is compatible with multiple IP cameras. You just need to plug NVR into your router or switch with a few clicks to configure and identify each IP camera. 

You are able to connect 4 IP cameras via the internet or through the local area network simultaneously.

8 channel NVR security system — This is very close to 4 channel NVR and is compatible with 8 IP cameras. 

Similarly, no specific software or hardware is needed, just plug the NVR into your LAN connected device to configure each of your connected IP cameras. 

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16 channel NVR security system — For a large office space or house, you will need more cameras with a bigger NVR. Similarly, as 4 and 8 channel NVR, the 16 channel NVR works the same. 

But, you must keep in mind that to keep the recording of 16 cameras intact, you might require a larger storage device.

How to install NVR Surveillance System

From the SATA interface, the NVR supports an external hard disk. The built-in gateway allows separating the data network connection and the network camera connection for the prevention of network congestion. 

Functional one digital output and four digital input interfaces are able to integrate with the security alarms and sensors. 

This NVR makes sure it offers the highest performance and best quality in network video recording.

When you are using a DHCP server/ network router in your system, you must connect the NVR to your Ethernet Port1 network. Then the NVR fetches the IP address from the router using DHCP.

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