To get blessed with motherhood is the greatest feeling that a woman can ever have. In fact, no woman is ever complete without being a mother. However, there are certain unfortunate ones that never get a chance to become a mother, but these ladies who fail to conceive due to any reason should not lose hope. Surrogacy in India is blessing in disguise for them. It is fast gaining popularity in international market also.

What is Surrogacy?
This medical term has gained popularity among the infertile couples. But still not many common people know what exactly it means.

It is an arrangement supported by a legal agreement whereby a woman or a surrogate mother agrees to conceive a child for an infertile mother (when pregnancy consequences are too dangerous). It is a sort of assisted reproductive technology.

Is Surrogacy Legal Lawful in India?
One of the most commonly asked questions by the international parents who come to India and begin to look for a Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is: “Is surrogacy legal in India.” Taking into consideration the rising popularity of surrogacy in India, the Indian Government passed a new set of regulations on the process in 2015. It is illegal in India and the foreign-intended parents wanting to have children cannot complete this medical procedure of becoming parents in India. It is legal only for Indian parents who have been married for at-least 5 years. In December 2018, Indian surrogacy law was passed, under which:
• Commercial surrogacy (renting out womb for money) was made illegal.
• Only altruistic surrogacy was allowed for the infertile couples in need.
• The intended parents have to be married for at least 5 years and should have medical practitioner certificate for infertility.
• A woman can surrogate only once and in case if she is closely related to the intended parents. She should be married and should have a biological child.
• Homosexuals, single parents or couples in live-in relationships are banned.

Why is Indian Surrogacy Banned for International Intended Parents?

It is difficult to pin point any reason why Indian law has banned it for the International intended parents but it could be due to lesser availability of protections for the surrogates in the lesser developed nations like India. This led to harmful results, unsafe and unethical practices etc.

Commercial surrogacy became legalized in India in the year 2002. The availability of a lot of medical infrastructure for the surrogates has fueled the growth of this industry. Surrogacy arrangement is governed by the contract amongst the two parties that covers all the terms like the consent of surrogate to bear child, agreement of her husband and other elderly members, medical procedure of the artificial insemination, reimbursement of the reasonable expenditures for carrying child to the full term and more.

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SCI Healthcare, Founder & Director Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour has experienced more than 10years in fertility services. Dr. Shivani Gour completed her graduation and speciality training in Gynaecology and Obstetrics from Mumbai.