There are many exiting Peru trips that take you to breathtaking parts to of the countryside. Soak up the history of this unique part of the world while you enjoy the many exiting activities that are available. There are many different pursuits for those who are more energetic such as surfing, mountaineering, river rafting and much more.

One thing not to miss on Peru trips is one of the Seven Wonders of the World - the mountain top citadel of Machu Picchu. This could take four days of trekking to reach but you will pass along and ancient Inca trail and enjoy the most spectacular scenery. The trail will take you up steep mountain passes on stone paths that where laid hundreds of year ago.

If you are going to be taking the Inca trail you will have to book months in advance. These will usually set out from Cusco where you will have to spend some time to acclimatize. While you are there you can take shorter hikes through other historical site such as the Sacred Valley. There is also a lot of Inca and Spanish architecture that can be seen in the city and there are many restaurants offering traditional foods from across the country.

Cusco is also known for white river rafting and there are many rapids that range from novice level to expert. In the central city of Lima you will also find many rivers that offer rafting. Lanhuana to the south of Lima is also popular for adventure tourism.

Many people might go on Peru trips just for the surfing. The coast stretches for thousands of kilometers and the beaches to the north offer good weather all year round. Some beaches are a bit more remote but are very popular with tourists. Manorca is one of the most famous and is popular with younger people as there are many clubs and bars.

If there is one region which has more adventure sports to offer on Peru trips than all the others then it would be Ancash. The spectacular mountain ranges offer a host of activities such as mountain climbing, skiing, mountain biking, hiking and even river rafting. The scenery is breathtaking and the highest mountains in the country are found here.

It is ideal for those that are in to serious mountain climbing as well as those that prefer to see the sights while hiking. The low lands are littered with thousands of lakes and there are many villages where the locals are quite hospitable. The Huascaran, which is the highest mountain, is surrounded is in the midst of a national park of the same name. Some of the oldest city remains can also be found in the area.

If you prefer your adventure to be a bit more wild you could try dune buggying in the sands of the Ica region. Here you would also be able to spot the animal figures of the Nazca lines from the air. There are of course no Peru trips that are complete without a tour of the jungle. Take a traditional boat up the Amazon River and enjoy the most pristine wild life in all of South America.

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