1st house

The twelve bhavas of Jyotish are organized in a diamond chart. The Houses have supported our Earth’s 24-hour rotation concerning its axis. The twelve bhavas or houses of Jyotish are symbolic of all the departments that form up to human life. The houses are the place wherever energies will possibly to manifest. The houses are the fields of experience.

In the sacred writing of Vedic Jyotish, Each house represents a set of traits. At the instant you were born, the planets were all in specific zodiac signs and houses. Each planet with the house where it’s in, and then sign it’s in, says to map the harshness or luckiness you’ll face in your lifetime. The ascendant or 1st house of your birth chart governs everything such as you, your health, career, your inner voice, the purpose of life. At first, people perceive you according to your Ascendant.

The first house denotes the primary impressions, the first appearance, etc. The sign of this home is observed as your rising sign or your ascendant.

The ascendant or main birth chart governs our body whereas the moon chart governs our mind. It is the degree of the sign that's rising on the east at the time of your birth at a selected place in the world. Ascendant is largely the explanation for taking birth. When your ascendant is fastened then your all houses are fastened. The zodiac sign related to the primary bhava is Aries and therefore the planet the significator of this home is Sun. You must fathom your ascendant as a result of the ruler of your body is your ascendant, the planet impact you very much in your life.

Aries is aggressive

Taurus is money minded but down to earth

Gemini is friendly and very talkative

Cancer is warm-hearted and over-emotional

Leo is proud and talented

Virgo is scrutinizing

Libra is moralist

Scorpio is very secretive

Sagittarius is distant

Capricorn is ambitious and workaholic

Aquarius is the thoughtful scientific approach

Pisces is sensitive and religious

If you are born as Aries or Scorpio, then firey nature is high on your body. Mars people body always operates by desire. If you've got taken birth below Taurus or Libra that is dominated by Venus then your body taken birth for enjoying pleasure. If you're born below Gemini or Virgo ascendant then your body can operate only if you apply your mind and analyze everything. If you have Sagittarius or Pisces ascendant then it is controlled by Jupiter and you are here to do something Nobel which also gives benefits to others. Lots of multi-millionaire born below Jupiter as they have good, nice things that conjointly helpful and ready to offer good worth to others too. Because of their actions so many people can earn money while working under him. Those who born as cancer ascendant, their purpose in life is to show emotions to their near and dear ones. Moon rules Cancer, therefore, their whole life tends to be emotional as a mother. Those who are born as a Leo ascendant, their purpose in life is to show talent to the world and seek the attention of the world. Those who are born below the management of Saturn as Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant, their purpose of life is to serve the other people. They are born to give service to others. They start it in a very initial stage and come up with huge success.

But these all things depend on the strength of the planet. If the planet is in a strong position as a good degree and good sign then the person knows the reason for his birth otherwise he will bound to live aimless lifelike such a large amount of individuals living life simply eat, sleep, repeat.

No aim in life as a result of there's some lacking power in them that is accountable to administer direction in life. There are some ways to see how your life takes direction like where your ascendant lord is placed? Put that house as your ascendant so an analyze it.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is an eminent astrologer in India