CBC test signifies a Complete Blood Count test to check the number of blood cells in your body. It is quite a common and easy test that you might need to do when you have some health disorders. The
CBC test determines the increase and decrease in the level of your blood cells and the average level differ between men and women. CBC tests are usually taken to detect conditions like infection, anemia, cancer, and more.

Basic types of blood cells

There are three basic types of blood cells that your doctor will evaluate to know the condition of your health.

1. Red blood cells

The red blood cells help oxygen flow all through the body and remove carbon dioxide. There are two tests taken to determine red blood cells – hemoglobin and hematocrit. Hemoglobin tells you about the level of oxygen-carrying protein and hematocrit determines the level of red blood cells in your blood. When there are low levels through either of these tests, you have chances to have anemia. Anemia is an impact of low iron content in your body.

2. White blood cells

White blood cells can aid your body to fight infections. CBC can help you determine the amount and types of white blood cells present in your body. Any abnormal additional or subtraction in that number can lead to infections, inflammation and even cancer.

3. Platelets

Platelets help you have blood clots and stop bleeding. After you stop bleeding from an injury, it shows that platelets start working. If there are changes in this level, you can have excessive bleeding and that can be a severe medical condition.

When can you need CBC tests?

CBC is a common part of routine checkups or when there are unexplained symptoms of bleeding or bruising. CBC tests help your doctor determine:

1. Overall health

Many doctors tend to look at your baselines health with a CBC test. They can detect many health issues

2. Detect problems

Symptoms of tiredness, weakness, redness, fever, bruising, swelling and bleeding can let your doctor ask you to get a CBC test done. The result can help detect any of the probable health conditions.

3. Monitor health issues

You might need to check CBC regularly as your doctor frequently needs to monitor your health. This might be required when you have a persistent condition or you’re in a treatment. Medical treatments will definitely leave an impact towards CBC, and that is also why you might need regular checkups.

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