If your smartphone battery is giving trouble and will only last a couple of hours its time you get the problem fixed. There are times when the smartphone battery would need to get charged multiple times. 

What are the common indications that your smartphone battery soon needs to be replaced? 

The commonest among all signs is when the charge of the cell phone drastically drops which indicates that the battery needs a replacement. Even after you find the battery barely dragging to 10 hours after not even touching a single app it could be that the system is longing for life. 

Among other indications random power offs commonly tell that the battery life is about to end. Sometimes the Smartphone may drastically shut down at 30 or 50 percent of charge. This indicates that the phone is suffering from poor battery life. Deteriorations such as these are common when your phone experiences boot loops. 

Even people using mobile phones like Samsung experience the same types of problems as mentioned here. A lot of times users visit stores for Samsung battery replacement in Bedminster. A common issue, users with older models face is a random shutdown every time the device reaches a specific battery threshold. The problem is usual with lithium-ion batteries. 

However, experts claim that the simplest way to identify the problem is first noting the time of such occurrence. Battery issues are common among new phones as well. Boot loops are frequent on some phones even when they are freshly bought from stores. 

Replacing the battery of your smartphone 

So, it seems like there is no other option left than to replace the battery. Although replacing may seem as simple as switching off the smartphone and taking off the old battery while replacing it with new, in today’s times such replacements are not possible since most of the phones come with non-removable batteries. 

The DIY route to this will entail you to first dissemble its parts by detaching its screen and then opening the other parts. Does that seem really difficult to you? Some experts offering Cheap phones repairs in Bedminster will do it for you in exchange of a fee. Modern smartphones are bit complicated as the parts remain attached with one another. Now, you carefully take the chance of removing them part by part and then join them using adhesive. Some basic tools like the suction handle, tweezers, “flat opening” tool and the heat gun are necessary for the process. 

If you think that you can perform the repair task all by yourself, go ahead but make sure you have got an authentic battery for the phone. Walk into a flagship dealer store and ask for a battery and a repair kit. In most cases you will find a battery replacement tutorial available on the company website. Watch it carefully and use the tools in appropriate ways to ensure the phone doesn’t catch fire or get punctured. If you think you can’t handle such complicacy anymore just straight away walk into the repair shop and get your battery replaced. 

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a Cheap phones repair store in Bedminster. In recent times the author has been sharing certain key aspects related to phone repair.