Google Adwords is an advertising service developed by Google which allows advertisers to promote their sponsored links in Google’s search engine results. This system of clickable ads is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) payment system where advertisers try for significant keywords for which they want their products or services to show up in the search results.

When certain keywords are used in the search engine, advertisers’ ads are shown as paid search results. If the sponsored links are clicked on, then they have to make a payment. Each time the link is clicked, the advertisers must pay.

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Does Google AdWords work?

Google’s largely successful PPC platform can work for most businesses. It targets the right audience and the right time. The investment on it will be fruitful. Furthermore, even if businesses don’t want to take the risk of only using Google AdWords, it could be a part of their marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Google AdWords:

  • Immediate exposure: Paid ads can show up as top 5 results in searching for a related keyword. 
  • Reach: Google AdWords help advertisers reach the right target audience.
  • Geotargeting: The system ensures that the audiences targeted are in the right geographic location.
  • Scalable: Google Ads helps businesses target the right audience without requiring large efforts. A small investment in this can increase profits by a larger margin. 
  • Measurable: Google Ads PPC in comparison to other ad agencies are the most measurable. Google PPC provides numerous metrics that allow the advertiser to see their growth with detailed analysis. 
  • Flexible: Google Ads provides customization options that hyper-target the desired audience. For example:
  • Specify keyword match types: It shows results to only those users who type the specific keywords.
  • Use ad extensions: These display product images and graphics along with links to the product website.
  • Narrow your audience: This helps filter the audience by time, language, region, location, etc.
  • Access network of non-search users: This method partners with sites such as YouTube, Gmail, and social media to show ads on those too.
  • Ads fill up the search results: Google earns its revenue through ads. Thus, ads will always be preferred more than the search results making it better for advertisers.
  • Engaging Ad Formats: The new and creative ad formats used by Google are more engaging than the search results which makes users want to click on it. 
  • Google Ads Traffic Conversion is higher than organic traffic: Paid search traffics conversion rates are about two times higher than the organic conversion rate. This is because paid search traffic is customized for specific customers making it effective. 
  • Google Ads remarketing: This helps in extending marketing to other platforms. With the use of cookies, the ads can follow users through different websites.


Google AdWords could be the key for small businesses to reach their customers and large businesses to stay relevant. If companies don’t have knowledge of the PPC system, then professional ad agencies could be helpful. 

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