The laser hair loss treatment is for both men and women and works on to stimulate the growth of new strands of hairs. It is known to also to heal problematic scalp and thinning. This procedure has been designed to stimulate the natural healing energy of the body. The basic logic behind this method is the fact that light has been linked to the functioning of the cell. This means that encouraging healthy function of the cell would work on to promote a regeneration of healthy mane. This process of treatment is basically an efficient use of light.

Understanding Hair Loss Treatment in Depth

This therapy has been known to be rather efficient as it requires low power. A very easy way to explain the process would be with the example of photosynthesis. Just like the sunlight with the help of the process which is referred to as photosynthesis helps the plants in growing and thriving, the laser treatment’s light helps the humans in getting their hairs back. After about five or six weeks after the procedure has been done, you would begin to notice changes in your scalp. Excessive hair loss should have been reduced noticeably within six to nine weeks of the session. After that, you would see hair growth in the bald spots. The rest of the hairs would grow back shortly too.

Benefits of Laser Hair Loss Treatment

There are several benefits of Laser Hair Loss Treatment and you would notice most of the doctors also recommending it.
• This therapy can be used for both men and women
• It is an absolutely painless and a hygienic way of restoring the hairs
• No adverse effects
• Requires rather minimal commitment of time
• The therapy is comparatively inexpensive that the other methods like surgery
• Several laser therapy devices are available which are portable and can be used by the person themselves
• Growth of the hairs might start first from the crown and along the hairline of the forehead.

How Is the Treatment Done?

The process of laser hair restoration can be done by the doctors in their clinic. There are trained professionals who might choose to deliver it in a salon or at home. This procedure is recommended to be performed approximately two to three times in a week. Each session would consist of exposing the scalp to the light-emitting diodes under a head cap or a bonnet for about eight to fifteen minutes. This is done using a handheld brush or a comb. Massages and scalp treatment which lead to an increase in the circulation of the blood might also be used in addition to the laser treatment. Regular sessions are very important if you want to see an improvement. Improvement is said to be noticed after twelve to twenty-six weeks of usage with noticeable growth.

This method can also be done at home. There are several handheld laser combs and brushed available these days which are safe to use all by ourselves. However, it is better to consult a doctor who would tell you what would work the best for you.

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