What A Fishing Rod Holder Does

Fishing may seem a simple task, but only one who has gone through the entire process would know the importance of having the right gear on board a fishing boat. Having the right things in place will not only make the whole process much easier it will also protect your favorite and often pricey pieces of fishing gear. Playing such a significant dual role is the very commonly marine rod holder. This device offers the following benefits to the user.

  • It acts as a protective covering to prevent rods getting tangled or damaged when on board
  • Provide protection to fishing rods when they are not in use and for convenient storage
  • Provide a good anchorage point when fishing

Selecting The Best Marine Rod Holder

Owing to the immensely valued importance of fishing rod holders, there are various different types and models available in the market. This creates various selection criteria upon which you should look out to find the best option for your purpose. The first differentiation that can be observed is in terms of the type of material used. Some of the most commonly used material options include nylon, plastic (ABS form), aluminum, stainless steel and various other coated and alloy forms. Depending on whether you are looking at freshwater or salt water fishing, you could choose accordingly.

Another determinant created based on the material types is the various properties each of the material impart. For instance nylon, fiberglass and plastics are corrosion proof, while other metal options could corrode with time. But in terms of strength, metal often performs better. Therefore for use in rough seas, it is often recommended to go with a fishing rod holder made of metal or brass. But in terms of price, fiberglass and plastic are more favorable options compared to metal rod holders.

In terms of the way rod holders are fixed, you will find that there are different types to choose as well. Some come as fixed models whereas others are in the removable form. Most of the heavy-duty options are fixed because this makes the attachment more stable. For vessels that are small and have limited space, these often-bulky fixed versions are not very suitable. In such a case, you can go for removable rod holders. Other rod holders also provide the option of being adjustable vs. some non-adjustable options.

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