Many of the medications used during life-threatening illnesses are strong, so minor changes in the rate of administration by only a few ml/hour can have huge effects on patients. During the treatment, patients often have several different medication infusions. Therefore, precision in the delivery of fluid and drugs are very important. To make sure accurate fluid and medication running, infusion pumps are used to deliver precise intravenous therapy.

Before diving deep into its types, let us first understand what exactly the infusion pump is.

What is the Infusion Pump?

The infusion pump infuses fluids, medicines, or nutrients into a patient’s cardiovascular system in a controlled manner. Most of the time, an infusion pump doctors use intravenously, but he/she can use it subcutaneous, arterial, and epidural when needed.

By using this infusion pump, healthcare professionals can improve patient treatment by increasing safety in procedures and streamlining workflow. With it, they can infuse insulin, hormones, antibiotics, and pain relievers.

As now you are aware of what infusion pump is and why it is useful, let us check out its types.

Types of User-Friendly Infusion Pump

The commonly used infusion pumps are as follows.

  • Enteral Pump

This pump is mainly used to infuse liquid nutrients and medicines to a patient’s digestive system.

  • Patient-Controlled Analgesia Pump

With this pump, healthcare professionals can infuse pain medications in a controlled manner to a patient that he/she can self-administer.

  • Insulin Pump

Typically used in a home, insulin pumps, a healthcare professional can use to deliver insulin to a diabetic patient.

  • Syringe Pump

Syringe pumps generally used to control medications that have very small hourly volumes.

  • Multi-channel Pump

In this type of pump, a nurse or a doctor can infuse fluids from several reservoirs at multiple rates.

  • Smart Pump

A smart pump comes with a safety feature that gives user alerts when a user sets the pump’s parameter outside of specified safety limits.

The other way to employ safety features is the use of an infusion device analyzer. The infusion pump analyzer is a test device that helps in analyzing the performance of an infusion pump.

This fluke infusion pump analyzer shows that precautionary maintenance and repair can be done rapidly, effortlessly, and with high accuracy. These devices usually perform simple flow tests, and in some cases, volume and occlusion pressure tests as well. It mainly used


Briefly, this infusion pump analyzer offers unharmed, flexible solutions for the daily needs of infusion applications in any hospital setting.

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