Joint replacement surgery
Joint replacement surgery is a type of orthopedic surgery for replacing damaged, dysfunctional, or inactive joints with the help of artificial joints made out of ceramic, plastic, or metal for replicating the movement of healthy joints. The man-made or artificial joints are referred to as a prosthesis. Joint replacement surgery helps in removing the diseased or damaged parts of the joint. Joints could be replaced when they might get damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Arthritis –the inflammation of joints causing stiffness and pain
  • Some disease
  • Several years of wear & tear
  • The main goal of going for the joint replacement surgery is to get relief from pain along with helping the joint to function better and improving movements like walking or running. When you take up the joint replacement surgery or treatment from a reliable healthcare center in India like Max Hospitals, you can get training for achieving some relief. Here are some instances of training activities:

  • Physical therapy
  • Mild exercise program
  • Medications
  • Walking aids like a walker or cane
  • Top Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery in India

    There is immense scope for joint replacement surgery in India. There is the presence of several high-end healthcare centers in the country that provide access to state-of-the-art medical facilities and treatment options to the patients from all over. Max Hospitals is one such leading healthcare institution in India, providing access to cutting-edge medical technologies and healthcare services at competitive pricing.

    When you avail of world-class joint replacement surgery from a reputed hospital, you can look forward to returning to normal day-to-day activities and functioning well. Physical therapy, along with an end-to-end rehabilitation program, stands vital when you wish to be ensured of the overall success of the treatment. The overall results and speed of recovery after a joint replacement surgery would depend on the following factors:

  • Level of activities before surgery
  • Duration as well as the severity of physical impairment that occurred before the surgery
  • General health on an overall basis
  • Type of joint replacement surgery –right from minimally invasive to cemented to non-cemented
  • Your personal attitude towards recovery and the overall motivation level
  • What are Joint Replacements Made of?

    Over the duration of the past few decades, revolutionary advancements have been made with respect to improved surgical techniques along with new implant materials. While the prosthesis can be made out of metal or a combination of metal & plastic materials, you can also go for the option of cemented materials featuring some grout-like substance or a non-cemented material. There could also be a possibility of a mix of both the materials for achieving fixation effectively. Usually, a cemented prosthesis is utilized for older people. On the other hand, the non-cemented version is for the younger population.
    Make the most of the reliable joint replacement surgery.

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