Before we begin, let me make one thing clear: you will not "get rich quick" do this. Working full time is likely to make only $ 200 - $ 300 per day. If you do not know what you're doing, probably even less. This is not bad money. I made a living doing just this for almost 6 months, but not be disappointed with fantasies of making thousands of dollars for sitting at a computer surfing the Internet.

An introduction to data entry: What is it? Why do people pay for?

In the high tech world of today, the data are an integral part of our daily lives. Since computers were first created, the input has been important in the collection and presentation of information. Data entry is the act of transcription of some data in an online document, databases, programs, etc. It can be a long and tedious task that is often outsourced to save time and money. As you can see, this gives "data entry", a fairly broad definition.

Tasks that can be considered data entry include but are not limited to:

Document data recording
Capture data entry
Research Account Creation Data
Blogs and Web site management
CPA response management manual
Craigslist / Backpage ad creation
CRM Management (TrackVia, SugarCRM,, infusion, dew, etc.)
Project writing and word processing
Internet Research
Pay Per Click Marketing
Social Bookmarks
Social Networking Account Management (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc)

If you have no idea what any of these things is not to worry. Most of these are very simple tasks and most jobs do not require previous experience. The most profitable skill you can start with is being able to write quickly.

Companies of input data:

Since the need for data entry has been raised, many businesses have sprung up that offer these jobs where you can work from home and earn "big money". Unfortunately, many of these businesses are a scam. Before delving into that, but I will explain the business model the company's input. The tasks are usually very simple, but boring enough that someone is willing to pay someone to do them. Often self-employed workers seeking jobs data entry spend so much time searching for the job that actually are doing. Also, sometimes people who are working to try to scam.

These were the two main factors contributing to the rise of companies in data entry. These companies act as middlemen, hiring of workers willing to do homework and to find people who had tasks to be completed. They were able to provide workers with a steady flow of work and management of compensation to workers do not have to worry about being robbed by their employers. Over time, these companies evolved to provide employee training and software to make it easier data entry.

Scams to consider:

Unfortunately, the vast majority of work at home businesses are "scams." For example, some companies will provide a kit that explains what the data entry, but does not offer any results. Any company that wants you to pay upfront for a team is a company must be careful. However, many legitimate companies also make you pay a processing fee up front. For this reason, it may be difficult to distinguish between scams and legitimate business opportunities. My best advice is to seek the company name in Google before signing up and see what kind of results you get. If the company is a scam, 99% of the time the result of the first or second person complains of how we got ripped off.

My advice:

Data entry can be tedious, but it is a work in demand you can work from home. I work with global data entry, a division of my computer data. This is a great company that offers hundreds of legitimate opportunities to work each day. You can learn more about them or to enroll in They require processing fee of $ 99, but if you are serious about making money with data entry should certainly make the team. They provide tons of help guides and software to automate many tedious tasks. The software is only sold for almost $ 300 on other sites, so they are definitely a bargain. If you do not want to join because it is not safe if you stay with it, you should try to find the task of entering data into separate web sites. These jobs usually are not as well paid and are usually only 1-2 hours, but can give a greater sense of what the job entails.

My main advice is to stick with it. If you're like me, you have no idea what they are doing the early days. This is fine. You may feel frustrated because they are doing a lot of money. This is normal. Having been working in data entry for a couple of days, things will start to "click" for you. That will make $ 100 - $ 200 a day in no time. Learn to use software that provides global data entry and will be able to automate much of this process, saving you time.

If you want to make a living full time doing data entry, I applaud you. My advice here is to sign permanently with a reputable company as global data entry and master the software they provide. Additionally, you can earn even more money if you increase your ability to write or learn a specialty such as medical transcription.

To know how visit these sites,and start at no cost:

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Julian Godwin Chukwuka Agunabor
Catering Supervisor, Crew Solutions Catering Ltd.

Julian Godwin Chukwuka Agunabor is a catering supervisor of the Crew Solutions Catering Limited at the Sea wolf oilfields, HND Food Technology, a food service supervisory professional with over 10 years experience in hospitality industry.