As said by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the previous 2 decades saw a regular increase in the rate of obesity in the USA. Not one state in the US has an obesity occurrence of under 20% since 2010. Wikipedia states that approximately 3 out of 4 Americans are either obese or overweight. Blame the fatty and sweet foods that we eat. We spent $75 billion in 2003 alone to treat conditions related to obesity. Yes, obesity is a serious problem.

The key reason why obesity is such as big problem is the fact that we could always get fat and sugar loaded food anytime and anywhere. We can purchase instant satisfaction from the nearby supermarket. There is no way that food companies will stop creating tasty products. Except if we stop buying but that’s really hopeless. The single way to stop eating the tempting unhealthy food is to stop craving for them. Some natural health supplements can actually assist in curbing our desire for food, thankfully.

5-HTP (5-Hydrotryptophan) is one example of these natural supplements. Our bodies create this chemical substance from tryptophan. Then, your body further alters this substance into serotonin - a neurotransmitter. Things like our reaction to pain, our moods, sleep and our appetites are managed by serotonin. We could acquire 5-HTP naturally from some of the food that we consume but the quantity we get from food is insufficient to benefit from it in weight loss. The good news is, you can find dietary supplements.

Scientific studies have already been done to determine how useful this substance is for weight loss and the results are encouraging. Study volunteers who used the health supplement ate much less when compared to the volunteers who took placebo. The impact of this nutritional supplement is on our satiety. A follow-up study showed that when this nutritional supplement is combined with calorie consumption limitation, significant losing weight resulted.

To keep things in the right mindset though, you have to know there are side effects of 5-htp. Minor unwanted effects include stomach discomfort, upset stomach and drowsiness. It is actually rated as "possibly unsafe" so make sure that you check with a doctor before deciding that you would like to use it. We have very limited information about how this health supplement will react with other medications. Exercise caution.

If you would like a safer alternative, you can probably just try green tea. There are lots of health benefits of green tea including weight loss. Of course, don’t forget to include regular exercise and eat right to make these natural supplements more effective. Make an effort to squeeze a few minutes of exercise in your routine even when you’re very busy.

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