An electrical connector is a devise used for joining electrical terminations in order to complete the electrical circuit. Usually electrical connectors consist of two components, one male component called plug and another female component called socket. As per the requirement of the devise in which the connector have been used, connection can be temporary, can be assembled or removed with the help of tools or it can be permanent connection.

There are various kinds of connectors available in the market.

  1. Military grade connectors! Military grade connectors are usually used in industries like marine, aerospace, automotive and other heavy industries. These connectors have found n numbers of applications such as radar, navigation, communication equipment, guidance control in space, marine and airborne and so on. These connectors are very precise, accurate and reliable and meets high and stringent military standards. They are available in many shapes and sizes and are specially designed to meet the requirements of armed forces, naval ships, and war front and communication offices.
  2. Gold plated connectors! Another commonly used connectors are gold plated connectors where gold is used as contact coating. These connectors are specially used at places where you need low level signal voltage and high reliability. Protective gold coating can add to the margin of safety of the connector if it is a damaged connector and there have been no chance of repair or re-mate. These connectors can be easily used in highly corrosive environment. Though gold being soft metal, these connectors have low durability but hardness of gold and durability of the connector can be increased by adding a bit of nickel or cobalt in the gold. Performance of such connectors can be increased by using appropriate lubrication. Thickness of gold plating on the connectors depends on the application for which it is required.
  3. Silver plated connectors! When we talk about electrical connector metal finishing then silver plating connectors are also commonly used. Though silver is expensive and unlike gold it also tarnish in air but there are few qualities which makes it fit for use in electrical connectors. Amongst all the ordinary metals, silver has highest connectivity. Apart from that it is a soft metal so at the time of mating the connectors it offer large contact area and low contact resistance. This consistent low contact resistance is a very important quality required for RF connectors. It is mainly because of the fact that any change in contact resistance will ultimately lead to increased SWR and attendant loss.
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