Dental implants is one of the leading and most advanced technologies available to deal with restoration of lost tooth. According to a renowned Staten Island cosmetic dentist a person without a tooth or teeth can face many problems such as speech troubles, problems in eating, reduced aesthetic appeal as well as lost self-confidence. With dental implants not only all these problems can be over-come but person also gets back its lost smile, charm and confidence.

What is dental implant?

According to Staten Island dental implants expert dental implant is a procedure in which a titanium frame is inserted in the jaw bone of the person. It is this frame over which the artificial tooth is mounted. Tooth is vertically implanted and do not take any support from the neighbouring teeth. Hence dental implants do not affect the health or strength of the neighbouring teeth.

Benefits of all on 4 dental implants!

  1. First and fore most benefit of all on 4 dental implant is that it prevents resorption of the jaw bone. Once you lose your natural tooth, the jaw bone below that teeth slowly starts deteriorating and this process is called resorption. Once an artificial teeth has been implanted over there, jaw bone is not exposed anymore and the process of resorption stops.
  2. Another benefit of dental implant is that the tooth implanted remains grounded at one place. It can be cleaned and maintained just as any other natural teeth. Unlike dentures or bridges you don’t need to take it out for cleaning but clean it by regular brushing.
  3. Dental implants roots the teeth inside the jaw bone, hence it do not move from its place or gets lose. This problem is usually faced by people using dentures and bridges as they have to remove their dentures often.
  4. Another benefit of dental implant is it do not affect the health of the neighbouring teeth. Since the teeth is implanted vertically, it do not take any support from the neighbouring teeth to make them weak or expose them to any kind of infection.
  5. Best part is you get back your charming smile and confidence which you lost with the tooth or the teeth.

Your doctor is the best person to decide whether dental implant can be done on you or not. If you have lost too much jaw one or your jaw bone is too soft then you may need grafting of jaw bone after which dental implant can be performed on your gums.

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