We are pleased to announce the release of our new book You Can Attract It. This book is all about the Law of Attraction and how you can attract anything you want into your life. We started writing the book about 1 year ago. We have both been living our lives based on specific Law of Attraction principles and felt that we needed to share our experience with people so that they too could reach their goals and dreams.

Our main goal with our book is to help people. We feel that self-improvement is an important part of life and it is constantly changing. The Law of Attraction allows for new goals and dreams to be realized. Whether you want a new career, a dream house, perfect health, or love in your life, the steps we outline in our book makes any dream possible.

Life is about physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and happiness. You are in control of your own destiny. Our book is designed to empower people to know in their hearts that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. We want to empower people to believe in themselves and believe in the power that they have in their lives.

Both of us have improved our lives tremendously in the past five years. We used the Law of Attraction to attract our goals and wonderful things into our lives. Our belief in the Law of Attraction is so strong, we compiled steps, exercises, and techniques and formulated You Can Attract It so that others can enjoy prosperity from their efforts.

We recognize that life is not static. It is constantly changing and there are many aspects to consider. We stress the importance of a positive attitude. A positive outlook on life will take you places. A negative attitude will only attract more negativity into your life. Therefore, all negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors must be eliminated from your life. Our book will guide you through the process of eliminating negativity and expanding the positive aspects of your life.

Many people are ruled by their thoughts and emotions. They can appear to have a great job, nice house, and a perfect life, but there is inner turmoil that is causing unhappiness. Others are the complete opposite. They feel happy with their overall lifestyle, but they want a better career or a significant other. No matter what you want to improve, confidence in yourself and a positive attitude will provide the best foundation for attracting great things into your life. This is what Step One is about in our book, changing negative thoughts, emotions, and actions into positive thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Step Two in our book is about knowing what you do not want. This step is all about acknowledging the negative things in your life currently and knowing what you do not want to attract. Knowing what you do not want in your life enables you to move past it. We let you focus on it shortly so that you can see what is not working for you in your life and then we teach you how to move on in a positive way. Whether the negative aspects of your life have to do with finances, relationships, health, or career, we give you the tools you need to become a success with the Law of Attraction.

Even more important than Step Two is Step Three: Knowing what you want. Knowing what your hopes and dreams are will give you the confidence to go after them. How often do you really acknowledge what you want from life? This is the time to do it! It is an important part of attracting what you want, you must set goals and know what you want to accomplish. In this part of the book, we go into great detail about the different areas in which you can attract more abundance into your life.

The next step (Step Four) is Ask for It. You cannot expect to receive something if you do not first ask for it. The way you interact with the universe determines how successful you are at attracting things into your life. This is perhaps the most important step in the process because there are many different ways to ask for things. Asking is how you will attract great things into your life. In You Can Attract It, we give you a lot of tips, exercises, tools, and techniques on various ways to ask for things. The more you immerse yourself into asking, the more positive vibrations you create. The more positive vibrations you create, the more likely you will attract it from the universe.

Step Five in our book is all about the power of allowing great things into your life. We have found that a lot of people get stuck in the Law of Attraction process somewhere between asking for it and receiving it. We believe that this is due to subconscious, or perhaps conscious, barriers in their life. Many people do not feel as though they will actually receive what they are asking for and they feel that they do not deserve it. In order to receive what you want, you must allow it into your life. You deserve to change, improve, and to attract great things into your life.

Lastly, in our book we talk about receiving. Receiving is when you actually manifest something in your life that you have been attracting. The important part of receiving is being thankful that it is now in your life. If you were trying to attract weight loss or a new career, you must be thankful for the change that has occurred in your life. When you are thankful and when you appreciate the things you have attracted in your life, you create positive and powerful energy. This tells the universe that you are thankful for what you have received and you want more wonderful things to enter your life.

We hope to inspire a lot of people with the writing of our book. We want to change lives because we feel as though many people want to make changes in their life, but they do not know how. We know how to implement change in our lives and we want to pass our knowledge to others. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more: http://www.youcanattractit.com

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Frank Mangano