All Allegiant airlines offer luxurious seat covers allocated to them. You can pick the seat for just a nominal amount throughout the booking, which guarantees your convenience and position on boards your flight. Upon verification-in for your trip (if either online or and at the airport), our program will allocate you a seat. For travelers not pre-purchasing a reserved seat when booking: You'll be assigned a place by our program when you checked in for your flights (if either digitally or even at the airport).

If you log in digitally, you'll be allowed to see and modify your seat numbers. You may adjust or buy seating on a secure booking by logged in to maintain Travel On the airports, seat allocations cannot ever be changed or a boarding pass written on it.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Once you've created Allegiant Airlines Reservations, there have been five things to keep in mind.

You will obtain a copy of your confirmation code via emails and digitally.

  •         Didn't locate this? Using the final four digits of the ticket required for payment, activate it through 'Manage Travel.' (We won't send you paper tickets in the mail.)

Want to cancel the travel plans or make changes?

  •         Visit 'Manage Travels' to check available seats, reserve seats, update, switch travel dates, or cancel your journey. Please prepare your luggage.
  •         One ensuring quality-Safe. - travelers can carry one (1) personal item onboarding (such as a bag or a backpack to be put under the seat).
  •         One bringing: charges are available. May travelers can bring one (1) hold-on baggage on board the aircraft that does not increase the outdoors cabin size limits.
  •         Baggage inspected: Costs are valid. Further details on the baggage. Test your digital flight information, or subscribe to text notifications. 

Verify your pass for boarding in / access.

  •         A booking in the window will appear 24 hours in due course and suspends 45 minutes

ahead of the scheduled flight time.

  •         Electronic transfer of your board pass(s) to the Allegiant android app (suggested),
  •         Alternatively, check in and print your board pass(s) digitally to get to the terminal.

Travel documents issued at airports are subject to a $5 charge.

  •         In under 24 hours of payment, you can revoke your booking for a cash refund.

Your Allegiant Airlines Reservations are non-refundable.

  •         Buys are non-transferable after 24 hours. For eligible adjustments/cancellations, a reimbursement coupon will also be provided that is valid for future trips.
  •         Except if you bought Trip Flex TM, destinations cannot be shifted in under seven days of departing, and no payment will also be provided.
  •         For additional information on changing bookings or visit 'Manage Travel' to suspend digitally, see our terms of the contract.

Implement alterations with Travel Switch until 1 hour before departure time.

  •         Having a Travel Switch at the time of booking allows you the versatility to bring a difference or revoke your reservations without charge up to 1 hour before your departure.
  •         Despite Travel Flexible, there will be a change fee of up to $75 per individual for each route, and thus no adjustments will be allowed, and no compensation will be given during seven days of Travel.

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