There are two rules for all allergies (including "sensitivities or intolerances").

Rule 1. Any Allergy can cause any symptom or any "disease".

Rule 2. There are no other rules.
Only a few "guidelines". (Look at wheat, corn, milk, peanuts, soy first.)

There is a fairly good list of symptoms/diseases that may be caused by allergy at html

In the early 80's I joined with Dr Von Hilsheimer at the Klotz allergy clinic in Winter Park FL, and we introduced the End Point Titration (EPT) system of finding and "fixing" allergies for mental problems. The MD allergists did not even know or believe that allergy can cause schizophrenia or depression, and we kept surprising them, proving that a lot of mental disease is caused by allergy stress if not by direct allergy. (MD's are perhaps the most "educationally handicapped" persons on earth.)

EPT is perhaps the best of all "regular" testing for finding and fixing allergies, but it is horribly expensive in MD time, patient time, etc. It can cost upwards of $10,000 for all tests in a clinic, and a lot of time. The "regular" allergy shots used by many MD allergists today are only about 50% successful.

Luckily, there is a much simpler and less costly method of removing allergy stress, if not actually curing allergies. Both Neurofeedback, and Neuroliminal Training actually seem to cure all known allergies if used for six months or more.

Both NFB and NT raise the brain wave now known as SMR in amplitude and this "somehow" seems to "cure" allergies. How and/or why is still unknown. And, what's so ironic, almost no clinics using NFB are even aware that this is what solves so many mental problems as well as physical ones. You see, NFB is so expensive in the continuing expensive clinical visits required, that once a "problem" is solved, this therapy is discontinued as too expensive.

NT, on the other hand is so soothing for sleep that it is continued for months at a time for most, and since it costs nothing to do this after the original CD is purchased, this extended usage solves many more problems of allergy and other health problems.

Here's the real kicker - All stress is additive, and allergy stress on the unconscious mind is is much greater than has been suspected. By getting rid of this allergy stress, the unconscious mind operates much better, particularly the immune system controlled by it.

Remove this allergy stress, and the "apparent disease" goes away, or is greatly improved.

This is true for such horrible diseases as depression and schizophrenia. Stress is the real "killer" and disease cause - and all stress is additive, from the birth trauma up to that mouse or insect "scare" you had last week. A caveman only had to worry about saber toothed tigers or alien cavemen, but you and I have hundreds of tigers in effect just driving down the street. (Using up adrenaline.)

Remove any part of this stress, and you need less nutrition to deal with the "load", and your unconscious mind now works better. It's just that simple.

There are several more benefits of NT over NFB besides a huge cost difference. It's all done at home. Simply turn on a CD player (set to Loop. or repeat) when person goes to bed, and turn off when awake. (Some play it as background to whatever they are doing during the day.). For an autistic child, it's much better than Neurofeedback. No need to concentrate on a video screen consciously, and no sensors or helmet. (Ever tried to glue sensors on a head of an autistic child? I have.)

There's still another benefit for some. Allergies are often "tied" to addictions. For example, I love any form of bread, and I was allergic to wheat, and it caused me to weight 75 pounds over my "ideal" weight. Losing this allergy, made me (and most others) lose 5 pounds per month with no diet or exercise changes. (No diet to "come off" and gain it all back). One man told me that he simply quit smoking without any problems after using NT for 3-4 months.

Years ago, a psychiatrist for the Ontario prisons (Dr Quirk) did an experiment using NFB. He trained prison inmates in using the NFB biofeedback machine, and they trained a part of the Ontario Canada prison population. The recidivism rate dropped from around 70% to about 15%. Unfortunately this research died unpublished.

In my latest volunteer test, every person that responded after at least 2 months usage improved in some, or many, ways. Some of the testimonials of this group may be found at html

So, do you and yours want to feel better, sleep better, and live longer in better health overall? That's up to you. If you aren't doing better after 60 nights of use, simply return for refund. Isn't that what's called a "no-brainer"?

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Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist (30+ years)
Inventor of inexpensive Neuroliminal Therapy
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