Paper currency has no future and it is quite evident with the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrency. In the past decade, cryptocurrency has tremendously transformed the way transactions are done in an encrypted and secured way that is hard to decode and not to forget the privacy that is the main element of it. But unfortunately the prices of numerous cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin have soared sky high and it is not feasible for the majority of the people to buy cryptocurrency. But what if there is a way through which you can get rewarded with cryptocurrency for being socially active on social media. Well, that sounds a bit impossible but all me is converting this not so possible task into reality and it is quite beneficial for those who love to be socially active online.

Acknowledging the increased inclination of people towards the social media platforms, has come up with a unique reward system. Unlike other social networking sites, it is an exclusive platform which is well integrated with social media features accompanies by online earning and in-built wallet. is not merely a social media platform but it allows the users to earn money based on their social media activities and popularities. It also has in-built trading platforms that allow users to buy goods and services from each other using the earned coins. In a nutshell, can be a really good time-waster for you if you are addicted to social media platforms. empowers people to become social media influencers and turn their hobby into a profession, earning a really good amount. One can also use the platform to find people with mutual interest, to share catching content that can engage the audience and enhance number of followers and likes.

The money will be automatically transferred to the app wallet of the user as per the performance and engagement ratio. The in-built wallet is termed as meWallet which is designed to make the transaction easier and convenient. The user can easily convert wallet currency (me token) into fiat currency of their choice and doesn’t need to pay any commission while transferring money within the network. In addition, the future endeavor of is to issue payment cards, which will enable the users to use the earned coins to make offline purchases as well.

Along with social networking and earning money to make purchase, the platform is alluring to the advertisers also. As it allows people to make ad payments with the money they earned through social network. It provides the advertiser with well-defined customization option to promote their own brands and goods. All the active users on platform are eligible to take the advantages however they need to have a minimum of 10 subscribers to activate the advertising account.

One can easily earn money using, all they need to do is stay active and keep monetizing their content. Moreover one can get a chance to earn up to 50% of the advertising revenue. could be a great market place for you to earn money and make purchase while sharing great content which aims to engage a large community of users. Signup today to explore the best features and try your luck!

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