Fissure in ano is a disease can be described as a linear ulcer in the anal canal starting from the dentate line up to the anal verge. This is a very painful condition. This is caused by the hard stool initial that of the stone is bigger than the last one and initial hard stool while passing through the anal canal due to lack of space causes the linear tear

Once this linear ulcer or year forms at anal canal Dailymotion habits and contact with the stool causes this wound edges to get hardened. This Hardened wound edges are very difficult to get held. If the patient is suffering from any type of gastrointestinal tract infection or hard stool causes inflammation of this wound. At the same time patient present to the doctor with complaints of painful defecation and bleeding per rectum. Bleeding per rectum is described by the patient as the line of blood over the stool surface called a streak on the stool. Most of the patients, out of all anorectal diseases 70 persons are suffering from a fissure in ano.

Allopathic Treatment for Fissure in Ano

• Stool Softener
• Painkillers
• Wound Soothing Agents like Cream etc
• Localize Anaesthetic Gel

Surgery for Fissure

1. Laser Treatment:- Anal tears are small cuts or tears that occur inside the anus. These tears cause severe pain and may even cause bleeding when passing through the stool. Sometimes the cracks get too deep and can even show the underlying muscles. When you notice the first signs of a crack, it is important to treat it to heal faster.

It is not so complicated, but it affects people of all ages. The main reason for this condition, even in infants and toddlers, is constipation. Generally, it should cure within 4-6 weeks, and if it does not, it is classified as a chronic disease. Your doctor will try traditional techniques first to help you heal. But if that doesn't work, surgery may be necessary.

2. Fissurectomy:- Your surgeon may sometimes suggest you have a procedure called a fistulectomy alongside Botox injections. This involves cutting away the damaged skin from around your anal fissure, along with any ‘sentinel’ skin tags

3. Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy:- This is a surgery that cuts the sphincter around the anus to relieve tension and cures a tear. After first trying other treatments, including Botox, your doctor will usually just suggest this. Usually, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. In other words, you will be asleep during the operation. The procedure can be done in two ways. In an open sphincterotomy, the surgeon cuts the skin a little to reach the sphincter. They will then be able to see the muscles as they cut into it. Your skin incisions are usually left open to heal. In a closed sphincterotomy, the surgeon stretches the muscle through the blade below your skin.

4. Recovering from Fissure Surgery

You are usually prescribed painkillers and laxatives (to prevent constipation) after surgery. As soon as you are ready, you can change to simple paracetamol or ibuprofen. You must drink plenty of water
(8-10 glass) and Eat a high fiber diet to stop the anal fissure coming back. High-fiber foods include fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread and cereals. If you have had a sphincterotomy, you can leave the wound open to heal spontaneously. Keep the area clean and dry to help it heal and avoid the onset of infection. Recovery time varies from person to person, but most people feel well enough to return to
normal activity within a few days.

Activities you have to perform

• We move the body comfortably from sitting down to
standing and lying down.
• You can get back to work as soon as you feel
comfortable without taking painkillers.
• Do not drive while taking prescription drugs.
• Sex may be resumed if you are comfortable.
• Return to the clinic to see your doctor, NP, or PA at
1-3 weeks.

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