What an incredible time of year! When I first started writing this article the trees were ablaze with vibrant reds, golds and oranges. Now they are mostly bare but still beautiful in silhouette against the tangerine and blue early morning sky.The air is crisp, clear and clean. There is an energy that flows through everything in preparation for the long winter slumber. There is a beauty that this time of year offers that is like no other as Mother Nature makes yet another seasonal transition. Allow this beauty into your heart, embrace it, feel it and most importantly enjoy it. Open yourself to receiving and experiencing the grandeur in each unfolding moment, for each moment offers something the next can not.

As I journey through my life speaking with different groups of people we invariably get to questions about one's life journey. Several questions that consistently arise are:

"How can I live my life's passion?"
"What is my life passion?"
"Do I have or what is my life purpose?"

As to whether or not we have a life purpose, the answer is quite simple, yes we do, otherwise we wouldn't be here. To me that purpose is to live life fully expressed as who we are while simultaneously creating who we choose to be and are in the process of becoming. We choose a platform for how we express who we are through our work or careers as a teacher, fireman, social worker, lawyer, doctor, REALTOR, homemaker, etc. We more fully express who we are through our relationships with all things. Through our expression we demonstrate our level of passion for life. It is from within our passion for life that our life's passions are revealed.

The message is that we are to be passionate, really passionate about life in every possible way. We are to know that the Universe desires us to be happy, healthy and well. We are to allow, enjoy and embrace all that life has to offer, even the simple beauty in the changing season.

Being passionate about life means honoring,respecting and embracing the journey we are on because we know it is of our choosing. We honor and respect the journey of others, without judgment, because we know their journey is of their choosing. We open ourselves to the fullness, richness and diversity of life on the Earth plane. We accept, appreciate and expand upon the goodness life has to offer. And the amazing thing is, it is fully available to all of us, not just some of us, every one of us. All we have to do is allow it, embrace it and enjoy it.

Author's Bio: 

JIM has been a highly respected business leader and entrepreneur for the better part of 30 years. His passion for inspiring others to higher levels of achievement has resulted in the presentation of numerous workshops and seminars on business development and success principles throughout the United States and parts of Europe. Most recently his passion has been the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life. He has the gift of turning complex spiritual ideas and laws into easily understood and applied practices.
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