Many people are very good at planning their lives. They micromanage their time -- how they’ll spend this hour, the week, the month and even the year. They decide when they’ll go on vacation and they make plans. They plan for their child’s education and for their retirement.

A certain amount of planning is usually a good thing. Where people get it wrong is when they go totally overboard and don’t allow.

People are so concerned that they don’t go over budget because their finances are so limited that they scrimp and watch every penny. They don’t go anywhere or do anything.

They might notice they’ve gained weight, so their lives suddenly revolve around a new diet and exercise plan.

They might be fearful that they won’t have enough money for retirement, so they set up a savings plan and put away every extra nickel for the future.

Meanwhile, they get tired of not having any fun, of watching each morsel that goes into their mouths, and of pinching pennies.

Their lives actually begin to get smaller and smaller. That doesn’t sound like a very good life, does it?

This is why it’s important to actively attract experiences into your life and to be in a mental space that allows you to accept them emotionally.

You can plan for the future, but also allow for what you want today. This is what makes for a magical life that’s worth living; one filled with joy and a broad range of experiences.

Most people plan ahead out of fear: “If I don’t watch what I eat, I’ll weigh 500 pounds and have a heart attack,” or “I don’t want to be a working for minimum wage when I’m 75 to pay the bills, so I have to save now while I can.”

This sort of planning leads to pinching off the flow of positive energy into their lives.

You have to stop that kind of thinking. When you shift your energy from focusing on the lack of something to all the possibilities that are out there, it’s like releasing the floodgates.

Whether you want to call it serendipity, coincidence, or happy accidents, you begin to actually have the magical life that you desire when you relax and open your heart to the possibilities. Your life gets bigger with all the wonderful new experiences you have. And that’s the life that you deserve right now. You don’t have to wait for it or plan for it.

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Sharon Ballantine has offered coaching and mentoring to help people allow and attract the lives of their dreams since 2007. Sharon is certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy and in 2011, she graduated from The Four Winds Society –Light Body School of Energy Medicine, founded by Alberto Villoldo PhD. To learn more about Ballantine and how she can help you to attract your magical life please visit