Allswell is a one-stop shop for not only mattresses but also pillows, throws and possibly other accessories including sheets. Allswell describes themselves as a “Instagram-worthy dream bed”.

Allswell aims to give you the complete bed solution. In addition to their mattress, they offer pillows, shams, duvets, duvet inserts, sheets and more. You can choose from different curated looks by top designers to make the decision process easier. They also have optional white glove delivery service as well as the option to remove your old mattress for an extra fee. Something many of the other online brands won’t do.

If you decide to go with the bedding collection, you have a 30-day trial where you can return them if not satisfied.

Overview of the Allswell Mattress
The site offers two different mattresses. First, the Allswell, which is a spring and foam mattress also known as a Hybrid Mattress. Then you have the Allswell Luxe, which is another hybrid offering made with pocket coils and foam. What is really astonishing is that you can get the Allswell in a queen size for $345! In keeping with many of the other online brands, Allswell also offers free shipping and a 100-day trial period where customers can try out the mattress in the comfort of their own home and if they don’t like it, returns are free.

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