We can turn on or off certain emotions in accordance with our personal choice.


A change in the state of consciousness is a completely natural thing, because it occurs every moment and is expressed in a change in the emotional background and dynamics of moods. For a person, this dynamic is a critical factor in determining his behavior. Therefore, the basics of self-control require us to observe our own emotional experiences and their connection with the surrounding reality.

If we draw parallels with the movement of the body, then we can say that there is also a certain “optimal movement of the psyche”, determined by the mental rhythm “excitement - inhibition”, and its harmonious launch implies entering the optimal state of consciousness (hereinafter OSC), characterized by stability and economy (psychic dynamics is one of the main “furnaces” in which nervous energy is burned).

And if in sports psychologists use the term optimal combat state to describe the components of the reference mental form of an athlete, then in everyday life it is more correct for us to rely on the concept of OSC. In this article, we will consider one of its facets - constructive inhibition, which is expressed in mental relaxation and relieving mental spasm.


The Serpent is the most ancient totemic symbol, the personification of wisdom, equanimity, calmness and ... satisfaction. Agree, these are exactly the qualities that we all lack forever. But you should not look for the Snake in ancient legends - the boundaries of his possessions lie in the boundless Universe of our unconscious.

The Serpent is the hunter. Such as he, I call "watchmen", because they guard their prey, and do not rush after it, headlong. This is a wise decision, because it allows you to save a lot of energy and live in complete absence of haste.

In order to open the dragon's gates and touch its great tranquility, it is important to be able to abandon the pursuit of the illusory stimuli of the outside world. The Serpent teaches: "We already have everything we need ..."

The search for anything: resources, answers to questions, sensations - it doesn't matter, any search deprives us of our peace of mind, creates the preconditions for the emergence of fuss and rush. Where there is vanity, there is no dragon.

Entering the dragon space requires the skill of controlling your attention. The key to success is keeping your attention in the moment. This can be easy to do if you know how to convince yourself that THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS HAPPENING HERE AND NOW. Note that we are not talking about stopping the internal dialogue. It's just about the ability to show interest in the moment.

Like any state of consciousness, this form has its own physical component. It is expressed in muscle relaxation, even "evening" breathing without delays and plastic movements. The relaxedness of the body ensures the relaxedness of the soul.


However, when striving for OSC, it is important to remember: the dragon's space is only one of its facets. For we cannot do without searching. Search is the natural state of the hunter. However, the search implies excitement, and excitement must be replaced by inhibition. And then, when the time comes to stop, we must be able to consciously open the gates of the dragon's space.

Entering the dragon's space, a person experiences two states: tranquility and satisfaction. The desired result here is the formation of a feeling of complete integrity and consistency, the realization that you already have everything you need ...

Entering the dragon space is a form of mental training. This means that we are talking about a self-management skill that develops with practice. All this is in a detailed video course describing the mental techniques of the Dragon.

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