Do you desire a long, healthy, happy, and meaningful life? Since it’s “National Staying Healthy Month,” that makes it a perfect time to commit to alternative practices for your health and personal well-being. If you are a family caregiver committed to staying healthy, please consider these keys to keep yourself on track.

Over my lifetime of being a pioneer in anchoring non-traditional and alternative paths to personal growth, I’ve identified these keys that are essential for creating a health, happy, and meaningful life.

Discovering the power of honesty with yourself and others.
Feeling and expressing your genuine feelings.
Speaking from the truth of your own experience.
Shining the light of unconditional love and acceptance on yourself and on your shadow, thus empowering you to express fully.
Recognizing the feelings that support you in making the choice that’s right -- for you.
Experiencing the secret of being happy for no reason.
Understanding how, by being truly who you are and expressing the truth of your own experience, you are contributing to the collective good for healing and restoring the fragile planet we live on!
Feeling and expressing genuine feelings honestly with self and others is the direct pathway connecting to our hearts. By the time we entered grade school, most of us had closed down and did not express our genuine feelings. We had lost this precious heart connection.

Our heart energy is where we connect with the essence of who we are -- whatever you call this energy that’s our individualized expression of life, Beloved, God, Creator, Consciousness or Source. When we close off from our heart energy, mainly we feel low self-esteem and experience an endless stream of meaningless and negative mind chatter.

Maybe you’ve had the experience, when seeking to make a decision, that your cultural or religious training said, “Go right,” yet your inner nudging said, “Go left.” So you trust that inner nudge, “go left,” and it turns out to be a very good decision.

If you’ve been aware of this experience, you might ask, “What is going on?” From my experience, that nudging that says “go left” is coming from the heart energy or intuition, and it’s the essence from which we express our inner knowingness.

How can we tune into this inner knowingness on a regular basis? Could it be that by learning to speak from the truth of our own genuine feelings, we will naturally access our heart energy and inner knowingness? As a very small child, we candidly did this -- until we were culturally conditioned that it is “not nice” to express what we really feel. Now it’s possible to rediscover that coming from our heart energy creates good feelings and genuine self-confidence.

When we speak from the truth of our genuine feelings, free from our cultural conditioning, we discover feelings are neither right nor wrong. They just are. We can then shine the light of love and acceptance on our inner self and our inner shadow. With this inner acceptance, we naturally gravitate to recognizing more of our genuine feelings. We grow an inner willingness to express genuine feelings in life affirming communication with others.

We begin to recover the energies that have been held in our shadow. How? As we see all the genuine feelings we’ve numbed out and could not safely express throughout our life because they were not socially acceptable, we begin to see the source of what became our shadow self. As we shine the light of love on our shadow and all those buried unexpressed feelings, we are taking powerful steps to heal and empower ourselves.

The more grounded we can be in expressing the inner knowingness of our heart energy, the happier we are. Seemingly for no reason, our life overflows with fun, joy and laughter.

The more we speak and write from the truth of our own experiences and feelings, the better we feel about our self. This contributes to healing our inner child energy, a crucial step in raising our consciousness. As we raise our level of consciousness, we are better able to contribute to the collective project of healing and restoring the planet.

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Betty L. Smith is a lifelong learner and tireless explorer of human nature. From the time she was a teen, she inquired and studied, to understand why humans behave as we do and get the results that we get. Her curiosity propelled her forward and inward to find answers.

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