Pinkymind, an online wellness center that focuses on counseling has gained a lot of traction in the last few months with quite a lot of app downloads and satisfied customers. They are now taking the next step towards better mental wellbeing by soon introducing alternate therapy.

Work, finances, education and even personal responsibilities have a certain amount of pressure on a person. This pressure sometimes helps a person do better but often causes mental distress. Physical health and wellbeing are given a great amount of importance from working out to eating right but everything we do or things one unknowingly thinks of immensely affects one’s mind. Mental health is often ignored and it then results in deviations or mental illness.

A counselor communicates with the client and understands a troubled person to a certain extent but when this goes beyond a point of just communication, therapy is required. In addition to occasions in which the situation is severe, therapy is also required for people who might find it very difficult to open directly address their concern. Alternate therapy is a medium in which a person in distress can release and communicate what they are feeling. This ensures that a larger audience receives relief and in ways that suit the person best.

Art therapy and sound healing are one of the most widely used alternative therapies for mental wellness. Sound healing uses different vibrations from music to impact one’s physical, emotional and mental health. Techniques of drawing and painting through visualization are a major part of art therapy that helps in healing. Aromatherapy is another alternative therapy that uses extracts of plants and flowers to positively impact mental wellness. Mr. Stephen T Chacko, the founder of Pinky Mind has started alternate therapy as an offering because he himself has gone through the same and experienced its benefits. There are different therapies that are used by professionals depending on the client’s reason for distress. Mrs. Kokila Kakhandaki is one of the expert therapists at Pinky Mind and she specializes in energy healing. The team of therapists at Pinky Mind are well aware of how each technique can help a certain person and can sometimes also used a combination of multiple techniques.

Current Offerings & What’s Next?
Currently, Pinky Mind offers various online counseling services especially via its Android app. It is soon to also launch its services in the child therapy section.

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