Hemihyperthrophy or Overgrowth syndrome is a condition in which one side of the body grows inappropriately more than the other side of the body. The other name used for Hemihypertrophy is Hemihyperplasia. Usually, the facial features, upper extremities, or lower extremities are affected. Hemihypertrophy is usually confused with hemiatrophy, a condition in which the body’s one side remains underdeveloped. One more differentiating feature between the conditions is that Hemihypertrophy affects both upper and lower extremities while the hemiatrophy affects only one side of the body, be it either upper or lower. In this article we will be learning all about Hemihypertrophy, its causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and herbal management by Planet Ayurveda’s herbal medicines.


Hemihypertrophy or Hemihyperplasia is a rare asymmetry disorder of the body in which one side of the body grows larger as compared to the other side of the body. This unusual asymmetry occurs due to the excessive production of the cells. Normally the cells reaching on one certain size stop growing but in this condition, the cells of the affected side fail to do so and keep outgrowing the other side. This leads to abnormal growth or enlargement of one side of the body as compared to another normal grown side. This disorder is present since birth, i.e. congenital.

 Alternative Treatment of Hemihypertrophy

Causes of Hemihypertrophy

The exact cause behind this syndrome is not known however certain genetic mutations tend to be responsible for it. Certain studies suggest abnormality in chromosome no.11 which leads to a difference in growth in each side of the body. Usually, in most of the cases, no family history is found and turns out to be sporadic.

Signs and Symptoms of Hemihypertrophy

The one and most obvious symptom is the outgrowth of the one side of the body as compared to the other side. One side is prominently larger than the other side. One leg or one arm is larger than the other in length or circumference. While in other cases the face of one side or trunk of one side is larger as compared to the other part. In some cases, this difference is not noticeable unless the person lies on the flat surface or on the bed.

The difference in gait and posture while walking is visible in a person. The children suffering from Hemihypertrophy are at increased risk of developing abdominal tumors in the future. Wilm’s tumor that develops in kidneys is the commonest among them. Even certain types of cancers are also associated with Hemihyperplasia syndrome.

Diagnosis of Hemihypertrophy

Physical examination plays the most important role in the diagnosis of Hemihypertrophy syndrome. Clinical examination, detailed history, and ruling out the other similar conditions help in confirming the diagnosis of the syndrome. As Hemihypertrophy syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which can be neglected during making a diagnosis hence confirmation should be done by the geneticist, the one being familiar with these type of cases.

Treatment of Hemihypertrophy

No exact Treatment of Hemihyperplasia is found yet. The main aim of treatment is to find out the tumor if any and give treatment for it. For children having an abnormal size of limbs, the orthopedic doctors recommend corrective shoes and symptomatic treatment.

Ayurveda can prove to be helpful in this case and by managing the case and that too naturally. Ayurveda is the science of life that helps in treating the tumors that develop in Hemihypertrophy syndrome.

Herbal Remedies by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda is the herbal pharmaceutical company that deals with the medicinal herbs which help in treating various diseases. All the medicines manufactured here are free from any kind of chemicals, additives, preservatives, starch, dye, fillers, or colors. Owing to this property the efficiency of the herbal medicines produced here is much higher than other similar products by other companies. Also, these products are safe to use due to the complete deprivation of chemicals in it.

These medicines even if used for long term do not cause any side effects. All the herbal products of Planet Ayurveda are purely natural, vegetarian, and safe. For Hemihypertrophy syndrome also Planet Ayurveda offers a combination of herbal products that helps to manage the condition naturally.

1. Nirgundi oil mixed with Bala Ashwagandha oil

The mixture of Nirgundi oil and Bala Ashwagandha oil is an amazingly effective combination to manage Hemihypertrophy. The Nirgundi oil is prepared from Vitex negundo that is used widely to treat inflammations, loosens stiff muscles, and clear the congestion when applied locally.

While Bala Ashwagandha oil is prepared from a combination of certain medicinal herbs like Bala, Ashwagandha, Haridra, Jalada, Kaunti, Kushta, Laksha, Manjistha, Rasna, Chandana, Madhuka, Durva, Sariva, and Padmakesara.

These two oil when applied together helps to strengthen the muscles, tone the nerves, and improve their conduction, treat rheumatic problems, and general debility.

Direction: Gentle massage with the mixture of both the oil on affected body parts.

2. Infee Syrup

This herbal syrup is prepared from two main herbs, i.e.  Yashtimadhu and Giloy. Infee syrup is an extremely therapeutically beneficial herbal formulation that helps in healthy growth and development of the child. This Ayurvedic syrup helps in healthy growth, increases the stamina of the body, treat weak muscles in children, prevent gastrointestinal tract infections, manage inflammation, and pacify Vata and Pitta doshas.

Dosage: 5 drops twice daily.

Arvind asav syrup

This is a classical Ayurvedic formulation which is an excellent health tonic for infants and children. It is prepared from a combination of lotus and many other beneficial herbs. Arvind as is prepared from numerous amazing herbs like Kamala, Manjistha, Bala, Gambhari, Utpala, Ela, Vacha, Musta, Sariva, Amalaki, Haritaki, Bibhitaka, Mansi, Ushira, Karchoora, Trivrut, Nili, Patola, Parpata, Arjuna, etc. This herbal syrup owing to its amazing therapeutic properties helps to improve the physical and mental strength of children, treat weakness of the bones, indigestion, abdominal distension, enhances immunity, improve appetite, and treats anorexia.

Dosage: 5 drops twice daily.


Hemihypertrophy syndrome is a rare genetic condition that can be managed by herbal remedies offered by Planet Ayurveda also these are completely safe to be given to a child. Opting for herbal treatment can prevent a child to go from harsh modern medicines that can pose danger to general health in the long term.

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