Not everyone wants to use the customary treatments for their medical conditions and ailments. Some of the most popular reasons individuals are seeking an alternative treatment for gout is because they do not want to use medications or they are looking for a safer method for treating their gout, without having the possibility of long term side effects.

Some medications that are prescribed are not safe for long term use, therefore finding the right alternative treatment for gout necessary. It is also possible to have a drug reaction from mixing different prescriptions and OTC medications without the approval of your medical care provider.

Some of the alternative treatments for gout are herbal remedies and home remedies. Here are a few of the most popular herbal remedies and home remedies that are used as a course of treatment for gout.

1. Vitamin C supplements are often considered to be very beneficial in fighting the onset of future bouts with gout.

2. Cherries or cherry juice is well known among gout sufferers for reducing the pain from the gout.

3. Activated charcoal, this can be made into a salve and placed on the location that is causing discomfort.

4. Celery seeds, these naturally contain anti inflammatory elements which has been know to reduce and eliminate the swelling.

5. Black cohash can assist in controlling the levels of acidity in the blood.

6. Apple cider vinegar with rose hips can be combined and boiled. Then apply to the joints that are in pain, for relief.

7. Raw garlic can be eaten daily to help control gout and gout pain.

8. Grapes can assist in lowering the acid levels in the body as well as helping the body to get rid of the uric acids that are in the body.

9. Ice, remember grandma’s remedy for pain? It also works wonders for gout pain relief.

If you are contemplating using an alternative treatment for gout, it is very important that you first discuss your options with your medical care provider. Some methods are not considered to be safe for individuals on some medications.

If you have any other medical conditions, using an alternative treatment without the approval of your medical care provider could prove to be lethal. If you are pregnant, you should speak with your doctor to determine the best treatment available that is safe for you and the unborn child.

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