When you think it doesn’t matter
if you fail or pass the test.
Keep in mind this simple reason
you should always be your best.

While the whole world may not notice
if you try to give your all,
there is a special person
to whom it matters if you fall.

That little voice inside you
which directs your thoughts each day
will make the final judgement
if you won or lost today.

Never will you fail yourself
if you give it all you’ve got.
The world extends a helping hand
when you give life your best shot.

For all that really matters
when you’re finished with your test
Is not the final score at all
but did you do your best.

- Tom Krause
Copyright 2004

Author's Bio: 

Tom Krause - Author/Poet/Inspirational Motivational Speaker
20-time Contributing Author Chicken Soup for Soul book series
Parenting 2.0 Global Presence Ambassador
Teacher Missouri Public Schools 31 years (retired)
International/National Motivational Speaker -
417-830-9240 - Nixa, MO
"Inspiring Confidence, Hope & Worth in Every Child"